Monday, August 29, 2011

Trip Summary..............

This post is just for documentary purposes only. It might bore some of you, and again some might find it useful if ever you plan on a trip to Stugis.

We took I-90 all the way there.

Saturday, August 6th, 2011:  
Everyone met at the Crossroads.  Kick Stands up at 6:30 AM.

Ritzville, WA.  Gas up. Miles Traveled: 121
11:00 AM  Rest area just outside of Spokane WA.  Pick up last rider.  210 miles traveled.
12:40 PM  Rose Lake Resort.  Gas up.  236 miles traveled.
Forgot to write down time.  St. Regis, MT.  Break time and gas up.  309 miles traveled.
4:28 PM  Drummund, MT.  Gas up.  430 miles traveled
7 PM MT. Time: Arrive at KOA Camp ground.  508 miles traveled.

SUNDAY, August 7th, 2011
Gas up in Butte, MT.  Kick stands up at 8:30 AM after breakfast.
10:49 AM Arrive Livingston, MT.  Gass Up.  617 miles traveled.
11:49 AM Billings, MT. Gas up.  734 miles Traveled.
At 845 miles we enter Wyoming.
3:45 PM Buckhorn Grocery. Gas up. 856 miles traveled.
5:25 PM Gillette Wyoming. Gas up and break time.  973 miles traveled.
8 PM, Arrive in Sturgis. Set up camp. 1095 miles traveled.

We did make it there in two days of hard riding. It was very hard to follow the bikes in the car. We went thru 38 miles of single lane construction just after leaving St. Regis, Mt. If everyone in the pack stayed pretty well together then keeping cars getting between me and the bikes was pretty easy.  All the way there I kept thinking I should of had a sign in the window of my car: "Tail Gunner", but the boys thought "Sucking Hind Tit" was more appropriate!

MONDAY, AUGUST 8th, 2011
Spent the day in Sturgis and traveled to Deadwood.

Traveled to Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Got rained on pretty good.

Everyone had the day to do what they wanted until 4:30 PM when we all then headed to Rapid City to meet up with the Freedom Cruisers Chapters.

7:14 AM Got camp packed up and headed out. Went to Perkins in Spearfish for breakfast. Which by the way was absolutely delicious, and as busy as they were, they put a meal out in record time.

8:53 AM Left Perkins. 1124 miles traveled.

10:07 AM Moorehead Wy, after a detour to Devils Tower. Gassed up.  1215 Miles traveled.

1:45 PM Buffalo. Ate lunch at McDonalds.  1313 miles traveled.

5:12 PM Arrived Billings, MT., to spend the night at the KOA.  1481 miles traveled.

7:45 AM Packed up camp and left Koa Campground. Fueled up before hitting the hwy.

10:15 AM Arrived in Livingston, MT. Fueled up. Tom arrived on FUMES! His 883 took 3 gallons of fuel. It is a 3.1 gallon gas tank.  1598 miles traveled.

1:17 PM Butte, MT. Fueled up.  Traveled 1707 miles

3:33 PM Clinton Mt.  1812 miles traveled.

4:15 PM Arrived at Lolo Pass Campground.  1839 miles traveled.

7 AM Left camp and traveled down the mountain to Lochsa Resort for Breakfast.  1865 miles traveled.

1:00 Arrived Clarkston, WA. Ate lunch at Arby's.  2049 miles traveled.
3:18 PM Arrived Waitsburg, WA.  2126 miles traveled.

4 PM Arrived Phillip's house. Unloaded his things out of the car.  2182 miles travled.

4:30 PM Arrived HOME! YEAH!       2217 miles total travel!

Now the big question:
Did "I" have fun?

It was very stressful for me.
When we got to the Idaho Border, helmets came off of three heads.
There was way to many people and bikes in Sturgis.
Of Course! It was Rally time!
Trying to keep everyone together was a chore.
Sleeping was fitful in Sturgis because the noise of bikes was non-stop,
and of course not sleeping in my own bed.
But I do have to admit though, our little tent and air mattress was pretty comfy.

When we stopped at Spearfish for Breakfast 
I picked up a lot of brochures that was by the front door.
I did not have time to read them till I got home.

I sure did miss ALOT of sight seeing!
If I ever get the chance to go back,
I would like to take TWO weeks
and go in September.
I hear it is gorgeous at that time of year.
Then I would like to take the time to go see these:
cause I am a kid at heart.

(You can click on any of the pictures to go to their website.)

 This looks like it would be a fun place to visit too.
I did take a picture of a dinosaur
but did not realize that it was a park 
you could go visit!
There would be the "horsey" things to do
because since I went and did, "bikey" things,
I think it is only fair that hubby do some horsey things.

Yes, we missed alot going during the rally time of year.
But it was interesting.

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Lois Evensen said...

It was such fun to ride along with you throughout the trip. :)