Friday, August 26, 2011

Last night~~LOLO PASS

On the way home, we made a pit stop in Livingston Mt.

We drove through A LOT of road construction.
38 miles on this one stretch.

Then the infamous 883 needed gas, and we pulled over 
at this place.
Where they hold the TESTY FEST!
It just got over with.
MORE road construction!
Headed up the mountain to Lolo pass.
Did not see any moose though, even though there were a lot of signs for them.
After a very hot ride
everyone was glad to finally get a break.
We stayed at 
This is the bar and game area.
The resort was also hosting a dinner for the Hotshots
because prior to us arriving there was a fire on the mountain.
They had it out, but were just hanging around for any hot spots
to make sure they did not flair up.
Since the restaurant part was busy with hosting the hot shots,
we were told to order dinner in the bar.
No Problem.
The kids hung out and ate dinner in the bar, and had a few drinks.
By the time we got back to eat dinner,
the bar server came to take our drinks.
She never came back.
We were then told that we had to go to the resturant side to eat.
They do NOT serve dinners in the bar!
So over to the resturant side we go.
Then From across the resturant the waitress hollers at me to NOT SIT AT THAT TABLE!
They had half the place set up for the other half of the hot shots to eat dinner.
"YES Ma'am!"
By now, I am a bit pissed!
I look over the menu,
I order a dinner, and NO BAKED POTATO!
Now I am really pissed.
Food comes.
It is passable!

 I have just never heard of a place that had a bar and resturant together
serve food in the bar!

We will not ever stay here again.

Only on Saturdays and Sundays though!
We were there Friday night.
These rocks were right behind our camp area.

Of which we could not stake down our tents in this area.
This was due to water lines not being buried very deep.
It is a good thing we did not have any wind!
Will it fit????
He decided to blow up BOTH parts of the mattress...
Eventually he did have to deflate the bottom half.
Children showing the love!
The raccoon and the Mexican!
Phillip and Shanna
Everyone have a good time.

Next...."It's Stuck at Lolo!"


Lois Evensen said...

Wonderful trip. Great friends. Thanks for the tip about the bar with no food. Won't they be sorry when they find out you have a blog!!!!!!! You should send them the link. ;)

Mikey said...

Awww, that's one of my favorite places! I went to college in Missoula, so I spent a lot of time out in Lolo area. I've only been to those springs you went to once, but right down the road is a natural hot pot that kicks ass. Everyone goes nekkid, it's a turnout with a short hike from the road. Really HOT water. Good times back there :) This post really took me back :)