Sunday, July 17, 2011

Idaho Trip......

Yesterday we made a trip to Idaho to visit some relatives on Hubby's side.
Driving thru Rathdrum, they had a very large farmers market going on!
I so wanted to stop but it was not on our agenda!
(It put anything we have over here to shame!)
We passed a D.Q.!
We came upon some motorcycles.
Actually a LOT of Motorcycles!
But this group was quite special!
Kept telling hubby to drive a little faster to catch up!
He said he was! 
(2 miles over speed limit was his max)
See the motorcycle on the right?
Yep, that is a wheelchair!
It actually was a tyke!
Neat huh?

Of course needed a picture of some horses!
As we turned off to the cousin's house, a long line of motorcycles went by!
It was pretty neat.
There was some sort of bike rally going on in that neck of the woods.

We went to Idaho to visit Hubby's Uncle C and Aunt P.
Uncle C has terminal cancer.
(Above was then. Below is now.)
Me and my picture taking...
Self portraits are always nice!

Below is their two sons:
Cousin K, (left) and Cousin S. (right).
Below: Cousin S, Hubby and Cousin K
with Uncle C, font and center.
I was very good to seem them.
We do not get together as often as we would like to
with our extended family!
Work gets in the way-darn it!
Cousin K with his wife, Cousin A.
Cousin S showed up on his Harley, and hubby was 
giving him some advice before he took off......
Cousin K thought it was bullshit.

After our visit at the Aunt and Uncles place we went over to 
our cousin's place.
Of course I had to get in some horsey therapy.

The tour included the cutest tack room ever!
It even has the old fashioned hard wood floor boards!
This is "Screech". 
Yes My Screech is named after this one,
and Cousin A named him!
This Screech talked non stop!
Must be related to Aunt P.
(Love you Aunt P)

Above is Cousin K's son, A.
And Son's Wife: K.
Hubby Rarely smiles in pictures, and 
both of these turned out so well.
This is Cousin K's Daughter S, and her Hubby F.
And two of their kids, H and T. The child on the right is a friend.
T had the cutest shoes on, and I just had to take a picture of them!
I asked her if they had adult sizes and she assured me that they did.
My searching begins, I just gotta have me a pair! :))
A BBQ was planned and we decided to stay, even though we knew 
it would put us home very late!
Mr. Spokane showed signs of grumbling.....
and showers........
And the BBQ continued on.....
Cousin A standing vigil with the cooking food.....
While Mother Nature brought down her wrath!
Amongst the Lightening and Thunder the little smokies and beef continued to sizzle.
Soon as Mother Nature found out we were not detered in the slightest,
she relented and brought out the sunshine again.
This valley is so beautiful.
On the way home, I told Hubby I would love to live up there.
The thoughts of all the horse trails, and ATV roads you can ride on.
The greenery, pine trees, and beauty are just breath taking.
It is peaceful, quiet and soulful!

Then half way down the mountain
my cell phone beeps...

I just received a message that was sent 4 hrs earlier!

Maybe it is just a little bit TOO back woods for me!

Loved the visit:
 P A C K S K F H A T S !
Can't wait to go back!

Things grow better in IDAHO!

Yesterday we went to Northern Idaho to visit some family.
I don't know when they planted their garden, since they 
talked about still having snow on the ground in March.
Harvest is just around the corner on some of it!
And isn't that the most beautiful CABBAGE you have ever seen?
Well that "I" have ever seen anyway.
They looked like teacups and saucers!

The Lily's are just budding out.
I won't see these when they are all bloomed,
but You can bet it was be spectacular!

Idaho is not just for growing potatoes anymore.

Old Jake and Baby Jenny.....

This is Jake. He is a good ole dog.
Jenny is still short and clumsy!
(Aren't baby's just adorable?)
This is Jenny! The new young-un'.

 Jenny is still discovering her world.
This was the first time she had been to the pond.
 There was water, and grass, and even bugs!
All sorts of new and interesting things!
 And sometimes she trys to play with Jake,
but he treats her like a pesky fly, and would just as soon get up and move.

 Discovering her new world, tuckers her out.
 That face! Just look at that face!
It was just an over load of cuteness for me!
So much so,
that I asked Jenny to talk to the hubby. She tried to explain to him that
there were at least 8 more siblings 
that needs a loving home.
But it didn't work!