Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shake Comparrison:

Not all protein Shakes are created equal!
In my search for a substitue for the Medifast Shakes
I have tried these four brands.

Jullians has a bitter taste and heavy deposits left in my glass.
It was not filling and I was hungry in about an hour.

This protein shake was not better.
It has a very bland taste and not filling at all.
Gritty in texture.

Slimfast did taste the best, but it also did not keep me full.
Plus there is a very sweet taste to this shake.

This one is the closest that I tried.
It is not as sweet as the Medi-fast shakes.
But the texture and filling-ness of it was comparable.
Plus there are a lot of vitamins and minerals in this brand.
was very minimal compared to the other shakes.
AND I can pronounce every one of these other ingredients.
So I will be ordering another container of this last shake and
be using it when I no longer need the medifast.
It is not as spendy, and fills me up, and even tastes pretty good.

I will be doing a comparison on the crunch bars next.

Baby bunny.

A small little bunny showed up.
A cat brought it in.
Not my cat, nor at my house.

It was just a little guy.
He was weened, and did eat some clover and grass I had picked for him.
The girls of course kept watch.
Sydney wanted to mother it.
She is keeping the baby warm.
She is being the 'mom' she use to be.

Warning her daughter, Sassy, to STAY AWAY!
"Ok, I am going to hide it from you!"
The only time she relaxed was holding the baby.

Screech: "Let me at him!"

The bunny did not make it. 
I think it had some internal injury.
I felt so bad.
By next morning he was cold and stiff.
So I wrapped him in the cowboy fleece, and tied it with a ribbon.
Rick dug a hole, and we had a small burial for him.
I let the three girls each sniff the baby before we buried him,
so that they knew he was gone, and would not continue to look for him.

I read on the internet about wild bunnies, that they normally do not survive.
Their internal make up is made up differently from a domesticated rabbit.
Sometimes you get lucky and they will live.
Not knowing where the cat got the bunny,
it was hard to let it go back out to the neighborhood.
It would of gotten caught again by another cat, or a dog.
So our friend brought it out to us.

RIP Bunny!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Changes: Can be good. Or not!

I suppose it is time to share.
Last February I went riding and my daughter-in-law
took pictures.
I did not like what I saw.
Plus my back was giving me horrendous trouble!

Look really good at this picture....
Sissy is a BIG horse!
So was my Butt!
It took my horse to make me realize.
I was not happy!
I was not happy with my riding skills.
I was not happy with my self either.

I never owned a scale.
They were bad!
I never got any good news when I stepped on one!
Scales would ruin my whole day!

I LIVE by my scale!

I started the Medi-Fast program and STUCK WITH IT!
I have lost 42 pounds since February 20th of this year.
That is an average of 10lbs a month!

I feel great!
I went from a size 18 pants to a size 12 and those are a tad to large.

I do have another 10 lbs to go for my goal.
It is going slower, and they say the last 10 is the hardest to get rid of.

I love fruit!
That is my candy!
So I portion control, and I have my bit of fruit.
I am still loosing about a pound a week or week and a half.
I am letting my skin catch up to my weight loss.

Here are some graduated photos of me.
I still don't have any of me riding Libby
except what is posted up top.
No one is ever around with a Camera when I ride.
But I will get some one day.
It is all GOOD!

Libby has come out of her shell!

Libby got new shoes on last week.
My friend brought her horse
down to get her feet trimmed.
We decided to let Lilly visit for awhile.
Libby was so excited!
Ever since Libby has moved in she always seemed so gloomy.
Never smiling.
Always with such a sad look in her eye.
Of course it could all be my imagination,
because she is.......
"just a horse".
She would spend most of her time in the lean-to.
Oh, she would poke her head out to look at me when I called her.
But the look was one of sadness.
She would not come to great me.
She WOULD let me walk up to her and pet her or put the halter on.
No amount of time I spent with her could make her happy.
I felt so bad for Libby.
I felt she was not happy here.
She was just existing.
Lilly opened up a new world for Libby.
Lilly is a very social gal.
She gallops to the fence to see me, or anyone.
Libby saw this.
Libby now runs to the fence to greet me too!
Lilly has taken Libby all over the pasture.
Grazing here and grazing there.
Lilly has shown Libby that it is ok
to greet your person.
To walk up to them and even give a nicker here and there.
Yes, Libby has come out of her shell!
I think Libby has a perm-a-grin on her muzzle now.
And she walks a little happier too!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Libby and I

I see where it has been awhile since I wrote, and I have a very good reason for this.
Libby and I 
have been getting to know each other!
I do not get a chance to take many pictures
because I am not adept yet, at riding and photographing.
But I will get there!

Libby and I have been taking lessons once a week.
Libby was use to turning around in the trailer and walking out.
It was getting dangerous because
She would do a 180 and about knock me over.

So I asked my instructor to help me teach her to BACK OUT!
This was accomplished in about 10 minutes!
Now Libby BACKS out.
So well in fact that two weeks ago, she started to back out as soon as I opened the divider!
Scared me to death!
So next lesson:
Work on Patience.
We did and it is going great now.

Since my goal is to trail ride,
and not knowing much about Libby,
my instructor had incorporated some of my lessons as a trail ride.

My first lesson/trail ride
was around a lima bean circle that was not totally round. 
Almost kidney bean shaped.

All the way down the gravel drive
Libby plodded along.
Ever so slowly!
Berry and her passenger kept in front.

Once we left the gravel drive and started walking around the circle
Libby stepped out in front and lead the way!
She was having as much fun as I was!

My second trail ride was this past Tuesday.
We rode a gravel trail along the Columbia River.
We rode 1 hr up and then turned around and rode back.
On the way up, Libby was so pokey!
At one point she planted her feet and would not move.
no matter how hard I kicked her she would not budge!

I got tired of kicking her, and slapping her with the reins,
and finally I just put the heel of my boots against her tummy
and just dug them into her.
I think she was ridden with spurs.

45 minutes into the ride, Libby finally picked up the pace and led the way.
Then we turned around.
Libby poked along.

Libby kept walking almost sideways and wanting to walk along in the sagebrush.
I was getting pretty tired by this time, 
and so I just let her have her lead.
When I let her walk along the edge of the trail she 
picked up the pace and was happy.
She wanted to walk amongst all that sagebrush!

We get almost back and take a small trail that sort of winds around the park.
Libby knew it was a different direction.
After a bit of 'stoppage'
she decided to keep walking.

We came around a slight bend and there was a roll of fencing someone left along side the trail.
Well Berry knew it was not suppose to be there!
She had a fit!
Instructor would walk her towards it 2 paces, and
Berry would back up 5! LOL
Libby was in the way at first and I thought 'she' was freaking out too,
but once I got Libby off to the side, and let Berry work through her issues,
Libby walked right by it without a care!
Libby was watching Berry the whole time as if she could not figure out what the big deal was.

We get back to the house, and I am wringing wet!
Libby is SOAKING wet!
We got our work out that day!

After I got home, and thought about the ride.
I always replay my rides in my mind.
Simply because I need to improve my riding, and
also learning my horse.

It dawned on me, 
I better put Shoes on Libby.
I had not wanted to.
Her feet are quite hard.
But her reluctance to move forward and her eagerness to walk in the sagebrush
was loud and clear to me!

So today Libby got new shoes!
She was awesome for the farrier!
He even likes her a lot.

My horsewhisper friend brought her horse Lilly down to get her trimmed.
So afterward, we let Lilly in the pasture with Libby.
Libby was so happy!
She danced around, reared up, kicked out, and squealed with delight!

Since Libby has come to live here,
she spends 80% of her time in the lean to.
I call her, and she will peak out but never move from there.
She is always somber, and shows no emotion.
Kind of like she is just going through the motions.

I don't want two horses!
But I felt so bad for Libby.

So I am borrowing Lilly for awhile.
Libby has already picked up her mood.
After a bit of squealing and set down the rules,
She is even allowing Lilly to share her lean to.

If Libby gets a bad attitude though Lilly will have to go home!

I have been out to watch them a lot this afternoon and every
time I go out there,
Lilly and Libby run up to the fence to great me!
I believe I have a 

Libby on the left: Lilly on the right.
Lilly is so pretty!
Libby doing what she always does, Rubbing!
Libby eating.
Libby sharing her Lean-to with Lilly.

Update on IZZY aka SISSY:
Sissy is going very well.
She loves her new home!
I get to see her every week,
and she lets me get in my special little scratches.
I still miss Sissy, and always probably will.
But I know it is for the best and she is very happy where she is.
Libby and I are a good match for each other and I love her more and more every day.

Libby is not nosy like Sissy, and could care less if you are out in the pasture working.
She would just as soon let you.
Sissy on the other hand always had to help out,
weather it be with sawing up lumber, fixing sprinklers or unloading hay.
I miss that so much!
I hope in time Libby's personality will shine and maybe Lilly will bring that out.

I get the feeling that Libby is still waiting to go home.
I hope she accepts this as her home.

The TOP 40! Pick ME UP OFF the floor!

The other night I sat down to read my email.  Nothing out of the ordinary really. The same ole Facebook emails letting me know that someone had commented on something or other.

Then I came across one that I ALMOST thought was spam!!!!  As I read deeper into the email I am thinking, 
"Maybe this is for real?" So I took a chance and clicked on one of the links!

It "IS" for real!

2010 Top 40 Horses Blogs Award!
Click to see my name in lights listed!

You can see the award on the side of my blog here too.
I am so honored to be among some of the most read blogs out there.

The email said that I was chosen through a scoring system led by internet nominations, which came from my reader base!


My ideal would be to post every day, but I don't always have that leasure!

Of course if I would POST before I READ my friends blogs,
because after I have read, what I was going to post is boring!

I am not creative enough to take something from nothing and make it interesting.
I think I will work on that though.....

Today I feel special!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Learning Libby!

I don't have any pictures but I am so excited!
At our local Sage Riders Club arena
we have open ride night on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Last Thursday I took Libby up there.
Her and I were going to see how well we listened to each other,
without an instructor.

A good friend and her daughter came up with their horses' also.
Mom on Slate and Daughter on Sykra.
(Slate is same color as Libby and Sykra is black and white Icelandic Mare.)

Libby and I rode all over the arena with about 6 other riders.
She did awesome! 
We even did a bit of trotting.

Then Mom and Daughter rode their horses out in the back forty where we held the Trail Challenge.
They really were having a lot of fun, and so I gathered up my courage 
and Libby and I headed out there.

Libby walked out without a care in the world.
She was having fun!
I was having fun!
I got her to walk across a bridge on flat ground.
Libby walked over some big logs.
Libby walked through a ditch.
Libby even walked through some watery marsh and then over a bridge 
that crossed a culvert!
Then there were three big tractor tires that are filled with dirt, and 
I pointed Libby at the smallest one. 
She put two front feet up, I stopped her.
She got down, and then
I was riding on cloud nine!

Yes Libby and I rode for 2 hours that night, and I had the best time!
Mom, Daughter and I even did a pin wheel.
Libby and I were in the center and Daughter was in the middle and mom on the outside.
When we went to reverse, I moved to the middle but I could not get Libby
in between the other two horses to trot.
But you know, that is ok. 
It gives us something to work on!

(Gosh Libby amazes me all the time)
For my lesson this week it was a trail ride.
So my instructor rode her horse, Berry. (cute name)
and I of course rode Libby.
We walked down her gravel road to a field of planted lima beans.
Libby walked ever so slowly.
Behind Berry.
Stopped several times.
Once we left the road and got to the field, 
I was surprised!
Libby stepped out and walked along as if 
she was having fun!
It was awesome!
We came upon a lady walking her two dogs. 
One dog, which was black, barked a bit at us but mostly stood and stared.
We sat calmly on our horses.
As the lady passed us, her german shephard barked at us and then would not follow its owner.
Just kept staring and Libby and me barking.
So I turned Libby toward the dog, and started to walk.
Libby did so as if it was a game. 
She had no qualms about walking toward that barking dog!
The dog took off to its owner, and we turned around and continued on our way!

As we got to the end of our ride, and leaving the field area, 
Something scared Libby to high heaven.
She spooked!
When she spooked, she planted her feet and hunkered down!
I did not even get upset in my saddle!
It was great!
Not that she spooked of course, but that she didn't do a jig, nor take off!

Libby surprises me every day!
I love her more and more.
She is a kind soul and spending time with her is great.
I was so busy yesterday that I did not even get out to say hi to her.
I need my horsey fix, and so I am going to go spend some time with her.
Libby you are just what the doctor ordered!

Choosing the RIGHT HORSE!

In Clinton's newsletter via the email he asked: "Are you a new rider? If so, do yourself a favor."

He goes on to say: "Buy a horse that will build your confidence when you first get into the horse business. When people who are just getting started end up buying the wrong horse, things go downhill in a hurry. I can't tell you how many people buy their first horse, get into trouble, get bucked off, fall off, lose their confidence, sell the horse, sell their saddle, sell the trailer and never want to ride a horse again! Let me save you some trouble right now – buy a horse that will give you confidence. Don't buy a horse based on emotions because all of those emotions aren't going to mean a thing when you're getting drug down the road by that shiny Thoroughbred or when that green-broke filly throws you head first into the dirt. Instead, buy a horse that's seasoned and uses the thinking side of his brain. Remember, horses teach people, and then people teach horses. "

As I read this, I felt that Clinton was watching me. Because this WAS me! Yes I bought a horse, and her name was Sissy. She was the love of my life. We went through a lot together. She was green. I did a lot of ground work with her through watching Clinton's work, and through an instructor.

For four years I poured my heart and soul into Sissy. This year I took riding lessons. Sissy never did anything bad, and I had high hopes because she never ever, and I mean NEVER spooked at anything! She just was not a jumpy horse, and nothing bothered her. She was so courious that this outweighed any fear. I don't think she knew the meaning of fear.

BUT.....after about 8-10 lessons, I was getting beat down. Sissy and I would fight to see who was boss. When my instructor summed it up in one sentence I fell apart because I knew what I had to do. She told me that "Sissy was broke but not trained!" She was right. Knowing I did not have the skills to "train" Sissy I looked for a new home for her.

I cried every time I even thought about her going to someone else. No one could love her as "I" Loved her. No other horse has ever "smelled" like Sissy. But I knew if I wanted to attain a goal of riding and having fun, I knew what I had to do.

With a heavy heart I sold her to my instructor. Sissy has a wonderful home! She lives at the Marriot Horse Haven!! She is NOW getting the training that she needs. She has a forever home there, and I do get to see her once a week.

2 weeks after selling Sissy a friend of mine found a horse on Dreamhorse that she thought would be good for me. When I first met Libby, I really tried to have an open mind. The first time I rode Libby, it was awesome. The more time I spent with Libby the more I grew to like her. She came to me on "trial". I took her to my lesson, and my instructor checked her over. I rode her for my lesson.  Libby was very well trained. The decision to purchase her, was all mine.

Libby is the horse that I SHOULD OF BOUGHT in the first place. But 4 years ago, she might not of been at the place she is now. For now, though Libby is what I need! She is building my confidence. She knows a lot of things, and she is very level headed. She takes care of me as a rider. Each Day, and every ride with Libby I love her more and more.

Sissy is fading to the background, but will never ever be forgotten. Knowing Sissy has a good home has helped. Having fun riding has helped also. So what Clinton says is so true. I have been there. I was fortunate though I did not get hurt.

So if you are new to horses, PLEASE have someone with knowledge HELP YOU purchase your first horse! I did not have the help the first time. I know that I was a stepping block in Sissy's life to get her to where she is today, as well as she was for me. I learned a lot with Sissy, and she in turn taught me so much. But I knew I would never get to riding her comfortably, even though she was like sitting on a cloud. I can't believe how relaxed I am riding Libby. I was never relaxed Riding Sissy.

Choosing the RIGHT HORSE makes all the difference in the world!


Watch for Jody & Libby's ADVENTURES!
Have already had two.
No pictures though!