Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Libby has come out of her shell!

Libby got new shoes on last week.
My friend brought her horse
down to get her feet trimmed.
We decided to let Lilly visit for awhile.
Libby was so excited!
Ever since Libby has moved in she always seemed so gloomy.
Never smiling.
Always with such a sad look in her eye.
Of course it could all be my imagination,
because she is.......
"just a horse".
She would spend most of her time in the lean-to.
Oh, she would poke her head out to look at me when I called her.
But the look was one of sadness.
She would not come to great me.
She WOULD let me walk up to her and pet her or put the halter on.
No amount of time I spent with her could make her happy.
I felt so bad for Libby.
I felt she was not happy here.
She was just existing.
Lilly opened up a new world for Libby.
Lilly is a very social gal.
She gallops to the fence to see me, or anyone.
Libby saw this.
Libby now runs to the fence to greet me too!
Lilly has taken Libby all over the pasture.
Grazing here and grazing there.
Lilly has shown Libby that it is ok
to greet your person.
To walk up to them and even give a nicker here and there.
Yes, Libby has come out of her shell!
I think Libby has a perm-a-grin on her muzzle now.
And she walks a little happier too!

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Lois Evensen said...

What sweet images. Beautiful horses!