Friday, July 2, 2010

Choosing the RIGHT HORSE!

In Clinton's newsletter via the email he asked: "Are you a new rider? If so, do yourself a favor."

He goes on to say: "Buy a horse that will build your confidence when you first get into the horse business. When people who are just getting started end up buying the wrong horse, things go downhill in a hurry. I can't tell you how many people buy their first horse, get into trouble, get bucked off, fall off, lose their confidence, sell the horse, sell their saddle, sell the trailer and never want to ride a horse again! Let me save you some trouble right now – buy a horse that will give you confidence. Don't buy a horse based on emotions because all of those emotions aren't going to mean a thing when you're getting drug down the road by that shiny Thoroughbred or when that green-broke filly throws you head first into the dirt. Instead, buy a horse that's seasoned and uses the thinking side of his brain. Remember, horses teach people, and then people teach horses. "

As I read this, I felt that Clinton was watching me. Because this WAS me! Yes I bought a horse, and her name was Sissy. She was the love of my life. We went through a lot together. She was green. I did a lot of ground work with her through watching Clinton's work, and through an instructor.

For four years I poured my heart and soul into Sissy. This year I took riding lessons. Sissy never did anything bad, and I had high hopes because she never ever, and I mean NEVER spooked at anything! She just was not a jumpy horse, and nothing bothered her. She was so courious that this outweighed any fear. I don't think she knew the meaning of fear.

BUT.....after about 8-10 lessons, I was getting beat down. Sissy and I would fight to see who was boss. When my instructor summed it up in one sentence I fell apart because I knew what I had to do. She told me that "Sissy was broke but not trained!" She was right. Knowing I did not have the skills to "train" Sissy I looked for a new home for her.

I cried every time I even thought about her going to someone else. No one could love her as "I" Loved her. No other horse has ever "smelled" like Sissy. But I knew if I wanted to attain a goal of riding and having fun, I knew what I had to do.

With a heavy heart I sold her to my instructor. Sissy has a wonderful home! She lives at the Marriot Horse Haven!! She is NOW getting the training that she needs. She has a forever home there, and I do get to see her once a week.

2 weeks after selling Sissy a friend of mine found a horse on Dreamhorse that she thought would be good for me. When I first met Libby, I really tried to have an open mind. The first time I rode Libby, it was awesome. The more time I spent with Libby the more I grew to like her. She came to me on "trial". I took her to my lesson, and my instructor checked her over. I rode her for my lesson.  Libby was very well trained. The decision to purchase her, was all mine.

Libby is the horse that I SHOULD OF BOUGHT in the first place. But 4 years ago, she might not of been at the place she is now. For now, though Libby is what I need! She is building my confidence. She knows a lot of things, and she is very level headed. She takes care of me as a rider. Each Day, and every ride with Libby I love her more and more.

Sissy is fading to the background, but will never ever be forgotten. Knowing Sissy has a good home has helped. Having fun riding has helped also. So what Clinton says is so true. I have been there. I was fortunate though I did not get hurt.

So if you are new to horses, PLEASE have someone with knowledge HELP YOU purchase your first horse! I did not have the help the first time. I know that I was a stepping block in Sissy's life to get her to where she is today, as well as she was for me. I learned a lot with Sissy, and she in turn taught me so much. But I knew I would never get to riding her comfortably, even though she was like sitting on a cloud. I can't believe how relaxed I am riding Libby. I was never relaxed Riding Sissy.

Choosing the RIGHT HORSE makes all the difference in the world!


Watch for Jody & Libby's ADVENTURES!
Have already had two.
No pictures though!


Gail said...

Wonderful news

Nikker said...

Well said! I can't wait to read more about life with Libby!