Monday, December 28, 2009

Hooda Thunk?

that I would have to drive to work in this,


And More predicted for New Years!
What a way to start out the year huh?

Where is SPRING???

Everytime I go blog.......

Every time I go to update my blog,
I see all the updates on blogs I am following.
I get to reading and the time slips away!
Then I forgot what I wanted to blog about!

So I have glanced through everyone's updates,
Opened them all up in new tabs,
can't wait to read them,
but gotta POST FIRST!

So this will be a long update....wait for pictures....
Before Christmas and to get into the spirit of the season,
We went to our local fair grounds that has what they call:
"The Festival of Lights".

Here is Mark and Patricia at the beginning.
It was so awesome because while we were there,
it started to snow.
It really did feel like Christmas!
You can either walk through.

(Mark and Patricia below at their house)

or you can....

Ride on this!

This pulls the wagon!
They wore bells too.
It was awesome!
Best part is....
It only cost 3 bucks a person!
We paid for all the kids to ride with us.

So that put me in more of a Christmas spirit, and
I got all my wrapping done, and decorated the house.
(I personally did not even want to put up decorations this year!
But since I was hosting the dinner.....had to do something.)


This year, we ate dinner BEFORE we opened gifts!
I did not want to be left out of any of the festivities.
I worked hard to get into the spirit of things this year,
and I was NOT going to be left out!

Here is Briann,
she has discovered Pens and Paper!

And Parker, he was a bit tired.
(These pictures were Christmas Eve.)

Robert our middle son came home from California.
That was MY Christmas gift.
To have all my kids home!
Here, he and Cody were playing around with the camera.

Since things were tight this year,
because as you know,
it costs a lot to keep
equine, canine, and feline,
in the lifesyle to which they have become acustomed.

So we all agreed to do a
Chinese Gift Exchange.

Everyone was for it,
well except Robert.
He wanted to draw names,
majority ruled.

So after dinner, we all gathered in the living room.
Person number one chose a package.
Then Person number 2 chose a package.
Then Person number three decided to steal a package.
Everything went well, and there was a few thefts here and there.
But when it got down to the last package to choose,
I don't know if they just did not want it to end,
or what,
the thievery was running rampad.
It was fun!
Everyone was happy with their gifts,
and no one went broke.
That is the best part!

Here, Briann is. Note the look on her face at the tree.
She KNEW she was going to take that decoration off!

Here is Phillip happy with his gift, which got stolen twice, but he finally got it back.

 Robert got some BATH AND BODY WORKS!
But he got it stolen from him.
Rick got an Olive Garden Gift card, and
Got it stolen from him!
Cameron got a load lock bar, and got it stolen from him.
This is Pat and Eric, my brother.
This is a walking stick, that was carved.
The carver is in this picture on the far right.
I really really wanted it, but did not have the heart to take it from her! LOL
I can't remember who ended up with what now,
but everyone was happy.

Then I got some gifts from Romania....
This is GLISS hair Shampoo and Conditioner!
I loved my hair after three weeks of using this stuff while I was there this past summer.
Then I got some beautiful melamine bowls.
AND..... SOME cookies that I fell in LOVE with while over there! was great!
Mark and Patricia gave Rick this for his shop.

And they gave me some red dishes.

Yes it was a good Christmas.

At the end, Cody came up to me and asked
if he could do the gift thing next year.

Broke my heart!

Well next year, he made me promise to include him in the exchange.
Everyone had a good time,
Christmas memories were made,
that will
last a lifetime!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Woodworks By Taylor

(Click above to go to her site.)

Check this site out.
I saw these infinity lights in person,
and believe me,
the pictures do not do them justice!
She has EVERYTHING you can imagine
to put on the glass.
Want to know the best part?
The front glass comes out so that you can clean it easily!

She told me that she was thinking of taking down the website
because she does not get any business from it.
If your looking for that special Christmas gift,
These are really beautiful.
She can make them in three different woods too.

If you do visit her website,
Send her an email and let her know you stopped by.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Echo, Oregon TOY RUN. Motorcyles and Freezing Temps!

My day started at 7 AM, and the temps dipped at 19 degrees. was so cold!
Today was the day of the Motorcycle TOY RUN that we had all been looking forward to.
The weather report kept talking about this cold front moving in and the temperatures dipping to record cold!
Were we going to go? HECK YEAH!
By the time we left at 10 AM we were having a heat wave and the temperature climbed up to 29 degrees.

This is Becky. My very good friend. If she would of even HINTED that she wasn't going to go, I would of said, "HUBBY, YOU GO!"
But she didn't.
Because of that,
I just had to go. No backing out now!
We have never ridden in such cold temps. We are considered "Fair Weather" riders.
SO we practiced putting on layers of clothing.
The more layers you put on,
the more you can't move!
My only concern was that Hubby feel ALL the controls on that bike, because
I wanted to arrive safely back home!
and We did.
But from this, I know what I will and will not wear the next time.

This is Tom her husband.

And me!
My hubby is in the background here.
By the time we got to this stop, which was about 2 miles towards our destination,
We were chilled!
But it was fun!

Our Son Cameron went along for the ride also.
He is a strong person, and is always up for any challenge.
Cameron has accomplished more in is 24 years of life than
we ever did at his age.

The run was from ECHO, OREGON
Good Shepherd Hospital in
Which consisted of about probably less than a 10 mile run,
but in temps that were in the high 20's it felt a lot longer!
Here is just part of the gathering in Echo.
There were a total of 77 riders.

Here we are leaving the hill out of Echo.
I took pictures all along the way.
We had a police escort and never really went the speed limit,
which was good, as the wind chill factor was a lot less going
30 MPH than it was at 65 mph.

 This is pulling the hill out of Stanfield.
I took a few, "behind" pictures.
These were all: "POINT and SHOOT"!
 This is where I work. All the guys were outside watching.
As we drove through Hermiston, we got to run red lights!
That was a bit confusing for everyone at first.
The motorcycle riders, did not know if we should stop at the lights or not.
I think next year they should have the front two riders peal off at
each intersection to stop cross traffic.
There were drivers pulled over all along the way.
Some were just watching.
Some were taking pictures.
 Turning the corner to the Hospital.
 Pulling into the hospital.
 Just to show, it really was cold outside!
Here is the fountain out front of the hospital.
Yes it is quite frozen!
 But we all had a wonderful time.
Putting our toys we brought into the bins,
felt good!
I said a little prayer, that the children that got our toys,
would love them dearly!
 And last but not least:
Here is Becky and my hubby,  her "girlfriend"!
To explain this:
This past spring there were a few rides I did not go on.
Whenever they would stop for a rest,
She would ask Rick,
"If her hair was ok",
He would help her to hook her helmet.
So as a joke, she made a comment that he was her new girlfriend!
It has stuck, and we have a lot of laughs over it.
Becky every once in a while will write poetry.
She has for a long time, and she is really good at it.
So I want to share with you a poem that she wrote and I found in my Email this morning.
It really says it all:

Call it mid-life crisis, or call it chasing your youth.
But what we seek is living if you want to know the truth.
We cared for our children, watched them grow and also thrive.
And cheered for every dream that their hearts did oh so strive.
But now its time we continue with our lives we set aside.
To set out for adventure on our Harley's that we ride.
We're not asking anyone's approval, we don't need that anymore.
We just need to know that there's more that our lives must have in store.
We dress up in our leathers, a fashion statement, it may be.
But its all just a part of living, being happy and being free.

And yes we know, we aren't twenty anymore.
But in our hearts we are, as our Harley's proudly roar.
So if you shake your head and think of us with doubt.
Just keep this in your mind this is what life is all about.
To follow your heart and to look fear in the face.
Then know that you have found it, 
You're in your happy place.
Becky Wiggins

Friday, November 27, 2009

She's Gonna Get ZAPPED!

I have a lot to be thankful for this year.
Next year....
I AM NOT going to cook the dang BIRD!
That is a whole lot of work!
But it was fun, and there was so much good food!
I went out side to take a break,
after stuffing the bird and putting it in the oven,
and this is what I saw!
It was awesome, all those itty bitty birds.
It was almost like a gathering of mourning souls,
and they knew that I had a big bird in the oven.
Of course they were all chirping, so maybe they were singing the happy dance!
Who knows.

Today, the day after Thanksgiving, was WORK WORK WORK.
Who makes us work?

Yes this not so innocent horse!
Here she is doing what she does best!
Buckling the fences!
And in doing so, she got a tumble weed stuck in her mane!
She did that on the OTHER end of the pasture, and walked all the way over to me,
with this stuck in her mane.

So what happens when you have a leaning horse?

You eltrocute her!
Well not really.

She had this fence almost laying down in the yard.
HER SIDE is on the left!
MY SIDE is on the RIGHT!
She could of just stepped over it into our yard.
So I told hubby, GOTTA FIX IT!
So first thing this morning,
we are out there straighting it up.
Of course Sissy and Sadie decided they just had to help.
I did not have my camera at that time, darn it!
But Sissy just has to TOUCH everything!
Just like a kid that can't keep their hands to themselves.
Finally they got bored and went off to graze on what they could find.
I would look up and notice her watching our every move though.
After we got the hotwire HOT,
I had  hubby fix a few other spots too.

This is my tack room.
Believe it or not, SISSY would get between it and the fence!
Would scare me to death!
So we fixed it.

On both ends!
Yep, now she can't get in there.
Then While I am standing out there, while hubby ran to get some tools,
Sissy LOOKS AT ME....
And purposely walked between the round pen and the fence.
The look on her face said:
"See what I can do?"
"You saw that DIDN'T you?
because I walked over to my side of the fence and waved my hand,
Which is by the burning barrel in the photo.
and said back up, and she backed out of there.
LIKE SHE KNEW she should not of been there.

So we fixed it too!
Sadie is a good pasture Equine.
She does not lean.
She does not push her way into things.
She does not have to touch everything within reach.
I love both my horses!
They both give me 50% of what I need,
and that is 100% of Horseyness!

Yes, I am ever so thankful for my hubby!
I could not of gotten one any more perfect than
if I could of ordered one from Sears!