Sunday, March 29, 2009

Silly Equines! What were they thinking?!

It looks nice out side but it isn't!
The wind is blowing.
It is cold!
And work still needs to be done!

Rick dragging the pasture.
Needed to be done, as horse manure was belly high to a elf!

This is Tom on his 4-wheeler.
(Tom is Rick's huntin' partner and good friend)
He has a blade on his so he can push the crap around.

Rock moving time!
Our place is built on a hill of rocks.
So rocks emerge from the ground at any given time.

After moving the flat one that is on the right side of the drag,
There was a bunch of ants making their home.
Can't see them to well here, but in the bigger picture
I am sure we are standing on an ant hill.
It is only a matter of time before it will become a sink hole!

This is the "L" that runs in front of our house.
See my new tack room by the round pen?
Our house is just to the top side right and behing the tack room.

The shop area. See our house to the left of the photo?

This area runs behind the shop, and over to the Lean toward the right.

Here is Sadie coming to check out what I am doing.

She spied the four wheelers in the pasture.

Whatcha' doin' mom?

Sissy checking to see if I have any treats.

Decided I didn't so she went her merry way.

"Hey lets see if Mom will feed us?"
"We will pretend like we are staving wafes and maybe she will take pity on us?"

Sadie got bored with the illusion.
Sissy on the other hand,
had to eat every morsel off the ground!

Sadie would rather spend time with mom.

If I look cute maybe I will get a goodie!

Oh MOM! That Peppermint did not taste so good!

Ahh,....Here is my boyfriend.......

Shhhh....Lets pretend we don't know each other!

Ok! You scratch my back, I will scratch yours.....

Uh Oh! We are caught!

Lets pretend we weren't doing anything!

I am looking behind the railing. I can't see Mom!

Oops there she is!

I will give you 10 minutes to quit that!

Ok. I can't see her!

In the mean time: Sissy: "What ya doin?"

Oh Good Grief!

Ok, I think I will do my camel impression
go eat trees....

Ummm...yum yum.
(This is the neighbors gelding.)

Sissy bored with all of it, went back to
doing her most favorite thing! LOL

Friday, March 27, 2009

Twitter, Twatter, Pitter, Patter...............

I thought I would check out what all the hype was about
on Twitter.
So I signed up!
Can you believe it???
I can't!
As if my plate was not full enough as it is.


If any of you have a Twitter account,
you can find me as:

Sucks because someone already took my name:

(So I had to use my alias.)

Why in the world would anyone ever want that name????
Except me?
I mean I am am known all over the internet by:

Yahoo Groups.
Not to mention a few other places...(shhhhh)

Yes my internet identity has been taken!
I feel lost.

It is hard to believe that there are two nosey neighbors surfing the internet now!
(For you young-uns, Mrs. Cravitz was the nosey neighbor that
lived next door to BEWITCHED.)

I was given this nickname, many years ago, for obvious reasons! LOL

Can't imagine anyone thinking I am "nosey"!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Like Father....Like Son........

As you may remember,
a couple of weeks ago
I got a van body for my tack room.

Youngest son thought he needed one for a garage/storage room.
So, Friday it was delivered.
Son, brought it to his house.
Saturday was work day!

The engineers are engineering the backing process.
(Brothers: Richard (L) and Rick (R))
My hubby is RICK

Engineer is not beyond picking up a shovel.

Checking for bottom clearance.
All the while I am thinking they should be checking the
Youngest son.
The best backer-upper ever!
He can even out back his dad with a truck and trailer!
The cutie across the street that was the advisor.

Youngest sons, wife!

Who is due to pop in about 4 weeks.
We are betting she will not wait that long.
We do know, it is a boy, and his name is:
Parker Jackson Brittain!

The way to work a DODGE!

Where the van is going to go.

The little guy going to wench the van back into place!
See the polaris hooked to the four wheeler?

Traffic has to maneuver around the road block.

Uhhh...guys....better look towards the sky!

Checking the clearance...NOW WHAT DO WE DO?

To close for comfort!

After backing the van body up, and digging out another foot or so of dirt,
this little Polaris is the one that "thought he could"!
But he couldn't!
So the big guns had to be brought in.
A Dodge with an 8000 lb wench on it.
In the mean time, I caught some other work
going on......
Is there something wrong with this picture?
Starting to slide into place.
Nail some wood to the house so it does not scrape.
Finally on the ground, and in place! Whew!

The only casualty is this part of the roof.
Took a jig saw to it.
Just could not dig deep enough to clear it.
The neighborhood adviser checking for proper paperwork!