About Me

Me and my First horse Sissy.
You can read about how she came into my life 

Blogging is my entertainment.
To entertain 'You', my reader.
I am not an imaginative writer, and my story's are mostly all told with pictures.

I'm a picture book kind of gal.

My and hubby have raised our family and now we get to enjoy grand-kids.
They are just the very best.
But my blog is not about them....
I figure if they want they stories told,
THEY can write a blog someday.

No my blog is about
Me, and realizing my dream of having horse's in my life.
Sometimes the hubby will pop in or any other family member that makes a news worthy story.

So I hope you visit often, and enjoy my stories.
And THANK YOU for being a reader of my blog,
because if it wasn't for YOU the reader,
I would have nothing to say!