Monday, November 17, 2008

New Addition

Well this winter Sissy will have a pasture mate once again. Only this time she is a Quarter Horse and 11 years old, and Technically mine. Sadie is a horse I should of gotten instead of Sissy, and this is why:

I am surprised that Hubby has not sent me to the lean too. Since he stated that he would pack his bags when I went to the horse show, if I brought anything home that breathed! I was a good girl and did not.

But he is so good....when the mention of Sadie came up, he just said do what ever you want to. I told him that was not what I wanted to hear. So we discussed it, and he said that it would be ok with him. Then he mentioned the awful subject! He asked me that maybe down the road if Sadie works out, if I had thought of selling Sissy....I said yes, I had, and then the tears flowed like a dam had just broken open! I got mad at myself, because whenever I think of selling Sissy I cry! I just do not understand it! I know, she is just a horse. people go through horses like underware around here! They use them more for an ornament or a tool. They don't mean much to people, but Me and Sissy, well I just don't know. She has gotten under my skin and stuck there! So I doubt that I will sell. Yes I will think about it, briefly only. I have worked hard with her this past summer. She has learned to respect me, and I feel we have grown closer. It is not her fault I can't ride her. It is MINE! She is the only horse I know that I can just go up to her, grab her around the neck, bury my nose in her winter coat, and just breathe deep!!!!!! awwwww she smells so good! No other horse smells the way Sissy does, and it calms me! I can stand there all day with her, and she in turn will let me!

But this is not to say that Sadie will not hold a special place in my heart either! I have fallen for her already. Went and rode her Thursday and saddled her up, she put the bridle in her own mouth. We walk out to the pasture, and she is on a bit of a low side, I am on a higher side. I struggle to put my right foot in the stirrup and grunt to lift my butt up into the saddle...The saddle slides a few inches to the side...Ummm...tighten the girth...try this again. Putting my foot in the stirrup kind of takes my breath away and makes it hard to breath because that is quite a stretch. It is kind of like taking your leg and trying to wrap it around your neck. It cuts off you breathing abilities somewhere in between!

So i try again! Dang! The saddle moved again! So I tighten it up once more. Ok, now I am thinking, poor Sadie, I am going to cut HER breathing off next! I re-adjust, and this time as I am struggling to put my foot in the stirrup, Sadie turns and looks at me like, OK WHAT NEXT?! She stands so patiently, and I feel like a total klutz! She moves NOT ONE muscle. Kind of like she knows I am struggling. I think if she thought she could, she would of gave me a boost.

I ask my friend to check her cinch and see if it is to tight. She said it was just right. So She puts pressure in the opposite stirrup and I get on with no problem. Sadie stands ever so still!

We ride around the pasture. I think Sadie is use to her previous owner, and goes where ever she wanted to. Although my friend says she is almost neck reigned, I am wondering where the "almost" falls into place. I feel like I need to drive her like a car, probably due to my lack of experience, but we make turns and I coax her to go where I want to go. Till we get to the big ole brush pile! Sadie stops....She perks her ears up, and is looking cautiously. Then Sadie turns to the right, and we head back to the gate. Ok maybe she knows something I don't.

I tell my friend what Sadie did, and she said I need to 'make' her go around the pile, because right now with what just happened, Sadie is BOSS! And that means we are starting off on the wrong hoof.... Don't want that. LOL

So we make the trip around the brush pile at my encouraging and when I get back to the gate, I do feel so much better! WOW! We ride a bit more, and it is time to quit.

Now my dismount is nothing of grace either! I lean forward, swing my right leg over, rubbing it up against Sadie's butt, because honestly if I pick it up any higher, I know I will get a charlie horse! I really don't want wind up with any spasms on top of a horse. She stands ever so still. I lay across the saddle on my tummy.....I relax a bit, and then I Slide ever so slowly down to the ground, so that when my feet hit, it does not send sharp shooting pains up my legs, holding onto the saddle.

Now, one thing I don't quite understand; when I try to get in the saddle, I pull it over to the side....but when I get off of her, I know there is great weight pulling on the saddle to let me down, and the saddle does not move much at all! Ummm.....

When I get Sadie home, I am going to practice getting in the saddle. If I make it then my treat is to go for a short ride. If I don't, then It is Sadies treat, and she does not have to pack my big ass around for that ride! LOL

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am just appalled!

I know that there are some awful stuff out there on the internet! But this has to really take the cake, after people have been prosecuted for having participated in these types activities!

On the website there was a link:

Please help stop this horrible site for Promoting Dog Fighting In Your Neighborhoods

So I clicked on the link: CLICK HERE!

What a shock I was in for!!!! I swear I thought this was illegal!!!!! People have been prosecuted for participating in these types of activities!

What gall these people have! How can they be such ASSHATS as to promote this type of activity!

I did a search on their phone number listed on their site: 404-551-5587
and it came back as:

Exchange: 404-551-5587
State: Georgia
County: Fulton
City: Atlanta
ZIP Code: 30312
Carrier: Broadwing Communications, Llc Ga

Does any of you reading my blog, have any idea how to put a stop to this??? If so please leave a comment!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ever Feel Old?

Or that you just can't remember doing something? Well I use to think my mom was nuts sometimes. Well guess what? I do things now that my mom use to complain about! WOW! Dejavu??? LOL

Some days are worse than others of course, and for the most part, it is stupid little things.

A lady asked Dr. OZ on Oprah the other day a question. She had given birth a few months earlier, and she said that after the baby was born, she would be making conversation and a simple word would just escape her mind. She said it was very frustrating and that she wanted to know what to do about it. (I feel her pain!)

Well Dr. Oz (Love that man), replied that while you are PG, the baby uses up and takes most of your OMEGA fats and oils from your body. This is what helps your brain to function. Also while you are PG a woman's brains shrinks 8%! WOW! But it all comes back after the baby is born. Something to do with your body concentrating on the child within.

Before your heart skips a beat, I AM NOT PREGNANT!

So to help the problem you should take an OMEGA supplement while your are pregnant and even after. I think I will get me some Omega's!

You can see the segment of Oprah here:


It was very interesting and I could listen to him talk all day long.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Horse Sale this weekend

Hermiston had their horse sale this weekend. So I go check it out. It always breaks my heart to see them run through. I did see a couple of good ones, but Rick told me that if I brought anything home that had a beating heart, and breathed, he would MOVE OUT! How cruel is that!? HAHA....But I totally understand.

Here is Simon our goofy cat! He had just come in from outside, and had webs or something hanging from his whiskers. He is such a goof ball! I think he wakes up every day in a whole new world! There are a days when he looks at me as if he has never seen me before! LOL. But he is a sweety, and thoroughly bonded to Sydney, our Golden Retriever.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The moon picture appeared on the KNDU news this morning at 6:15AM. I love to see my pictures featured on the show. I have sent in several and they are really good about sharing them with viewers. This was taken of the full moon two nights ago. I took about 30 pictures to get a good one. Moons are so hard to get pictures of.

The other photo is of Taumee our dog, and Screech the cat. Screech was an orphaned kitten that seeked out human comfort due to survival! His mom, a feral cat, got hit by a car. He and his sisters came across our pasture because they were starving to death. Homes were found for all 5 kittens and I kept Screech! He is the neatest cat ever. He picks on the dogs. At times I do feel sorry for them, but they hold their own with him. When they are all outside, Screech goes for walks with them too.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Last horse lesson for the year.

Well today was my last lesson for the winter. Oh Sissy won't be having a break of course, as I still plan on riding, but with the weather it can get pretty unpredictable.

Sissy does very well. She tends to yawn a lot too! Today we did a lot of trotting at my class. The most trotting that I have done on horseback since I was a kid! WOW! Sissy did good though, when I got off balance she would stop.

As we trotted around the round pen, I feel like I am bobbing in the saddle like yo-yo, and my instructor says, "Now I want you to relax". I have this vision of me, bouncing up and down, and she wants me to RELAX!!!! I just busted up laughing, and in doing so, I lost all concentration, and Sissy immediately STOPPED! Wow! She is so good.

While riding her yesterday, she did spook twice on me, both times from my friends horse, but when I said WHOA! She stopped....that gave me a lot of confidence there, in that when Sissy spooks she is not a run-a-way horse.

That is it for today!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

50 Years to late.

This blog is like 50 years to late. I read other blogs, and today I thought I would set one up just to see how it goes. I wanted to start one a few months back, and track my training with my horse, Sissy but time did not allow it. So I will start here, and move forward. So if anyone wants me to share on my blog, please feel free to email me, and I will see what I can do. I will also put up links to your blog, or website also. IF IT IS FAMILY FRIENDLY ONLY! This first blog is a test to see if I know how to navigate around. All this takes some figuring out, and it is a learning process. I don't think it will be to hard though, and I look forward to entertaining you.