Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am just appalled!

I know that there are some awful stuff out there on the internet! But this has to really take the cake, after people have been prosecuted for having participated in these types activities!

On the website there was a link:

Please help stop this horrible site for Promoting Dog Fighting In Your Neighborhoods

So I clicked on the link: CLICK HERE!

What a shock I was in for!!!! I swear I thought this was illegal!!!!! People have been prosecuted for participating in these types of activities!

What gall these people have! How can they be such ASSHATS as to promote this type of activity!

I did a search on their phone number listed on their site: 404-551-5587
and it came back as:

Exchange: 404-551-5587
State: Georgia
County: Fulton
City: Atlanta
ZIP Code: 30312
Carrier: Broadwing Communications, Llc Ga

Does any of you reading my blog, have any idea how to put a stop to this??? If so please leave a comment!

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