Thursday, October 16, 2008

The moon picture appeared on the KNDU news this morning at 6:15AM. I love to see my pictures featured on the show. I have sent in several and they are really good about sharing them with viewers. This was taken of the full moon two nights ago. I took about 30 pictures to get a good one. Moons are so hard to get pictures of.

The other photo is of Taumee our dog, and Screech the cat. Screech was an orphaned kitten that seeked out human comfort due to survival! His mom, a feral cat, got hit by a car. He and his sisters came across our pasture because they were starving to death. Homes were found for all 5 kittens and I kept Screech! He is the neatest cat ever. He picks on the dogs. At times I do feel sorry for them, but they hold their own with him. When they are all outside, Screech goes for walks with them too.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awwwww! That's cute with the two of them playing. Is Screech a 'tuxedo-colored' kitty?
I have one, too. His name is Oreo (the kids named him. lol).
He's very special to me, even though he is grouchy with everyone but me. He's got 'Catittude'!

New Mexico