Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ever Feel Old?

Or that you just can't remember doing something? Well I use to think my mom was nuts sometimes. Well guess what? I do things now that my mom use to complain about! WOW! Dejavu??? LOL

Some days are worse than others of course, and for the most part, it is stupid little things.

A lady asked Dr. OZ on Oprah the other day a question. She had given birth a few months earlier, and she said that after the baby was born, she would be making conversation and a simple word would just escape her mind. She said it was very frustrating and that she wanted to know what to do about it. (I feel her pain!)

Well Dr. Oz (Love that man), replied that while you are PG, the baby uses up and takes most of your OMEGA fats and oils from your body. This is what helps your brain to function. Also while you are PG a woman's brains shrinks 8%! WOW! But it all comes back after the baby is born. Something to do with your body concentrating on the child within.

Before your heart skips a beat, I AM NOT PREGNANT!

So to help the problem you should take an OMEGA supplement while your are pregnant and even after. I think I will get me some Omega's!

You can see the segment of Oprah here:


It was very interesting and I could listen to him talk all day long.

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