Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Last horse lesson for the year.

Well today was my last lesson for the winter. Oh Sissy won't be having a break of course, as I still plan on riding, but with the weather it can get pretty unpredictable.

Sissy does very well. She tends to yawn a lot too! Today we did a lot of trotting at my class. The most trotting that I have done on horseback since I was a kid! WOW! Sissy did good though, when I got off balance she would stop.

As we trotted around the round pen, I feel like I am bobbing in the saddle like yo-yo, and my instructor says, "Now I want you to relax". I have this vision of me, bouncing up and down, and she wants me to RELAX!!!! I just busted up laughing, and in doing so, I lost all concentration, and Sissy immediately STOPPED! Wow! She is so good.

While riding her yesterday, she did spook twice on me, both times from my friends horse, but when I said WHOA! She stopped....that gave me a lot of confidence there, in that when Sissy spooks she is not a run-a-way horse.

That is it for today!

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tigreza said...

ROTFL! That's exactly what Rhea does when someone loses their balance on her.