Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Cowgirl:

Today the 'Sargent' becomes a "COWGIRL!"
First one must gather equipment.
Then we go catch a horse.
Attention to details is a must.
Libby: This cowgirl knows what she's doing!
Libby: "I think I will take a little snooze."
Looks a bit like a torture device.
Adjusting the fit.

I think the fit is great!
Off we go!

A bit of a break.

I love this picture below with the butt shots! :))
A visitor stopped by.

An audience gathered.

Looks like we are riding in a construction zone.
Actually the neighbor was constructing a chicken house!
I am so jealous!

Libby: "I'm loosing groceries here, MOM!"

Off to the neighbors to ride.
Libby and Poncho loved it!
They were so good.

It was a beautiful day
with beautiful people
beautiful horses,
and awesome weather.
I look forward to riding again, SOON!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Sargent and the Horse.

Libby greets the Sargent on leave!
What an honor!
Libby thought of saluting.
But being the "horse" that she is,
She knew she was of superior power,
and maybe the Sargent should salute Her!
But the Sargent smelled good, so she let it slide.
This Sargent gets her first ride ever!

Libby knows that she would not have her freedom
without this Sargent's work in the field.
And Libby was very honored to oblige.
Lead line ride.
A few laps around the pasture.
Which would not be complete
Without me getting a ride too.
Poncho: "Hey! Over here! I can do lead line too!"

I just love Libby!
Saying a fair well till tomorrow!
Libby: "Good Bye Sargent! It was an honor for me to carry you safely!
Ok, NOW do I get my dinner?"

Me: "Yes Libby you were a very good teacher today!"

Monday, May 2, 2011

Socks Made It!

I was checking out the website for:

"Angels of the Earth" story,

Where he had a story about all the socks arriving.
Well I had not heard if the socks I sent made it or not
and you know, pictures are worth a thousand words!
Well right there,
that white box with the green on it?
Yep, it stands out big as life!
That is the box I sent!

Such a beautiful sight to see!
I love Jason Kelly's website, and the story's he writes
about delivering the socks and the devastation that they drive thru!
Really is amazing!
I usually shed a few tears each time I read one of his updates,
because those people are so sweet!
I want to give every one of them a hug!