Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finally........A TACK ROOM!

Here comes my tack room! AWESOME!
I will now have some place to put all my horse tack!
I think hubby wants it out of his shop! LOL

Youngest son, is backing it up to the garage for the night.
It will get unloaded the next day.

This is where it is going to go.
In the pasture
Next to the round pen.
Of course right when we got ready to take it off the trailer,
the wind came up
Blowing 30 + MPH!
so we had to wait till about 5 PM tonight to unload it!
I was a nervous wreck of course,
but it all went smooth!
I did put Sissy and Sadie in the round pen.
You can see them just to the left.

Sliding it off the trailer.

Youngest son on the left, and middle son on the right.

Almost off!

Need to straighten it back on the trailer.

Finally down on the ground!

Awe! It looks so nice! Whew!

It has awesome hard wood flooring in it too!
A fiber glass roof!

I can't wait to move into it! LOL
But first things first,
it has to be blocked up and leveled.

I would like to paint it, and would like to do a cool design.
Anyone have any suggestions?


Jocelyn said...

That's so cool what a great idea!

What made you come up with that for a tack room?

Mrs. Mom said...

That is going to be an EXCELLENT tack room! How awesome is that being able to park it RIGHT NEXT TO your "playground" too? ;)

Mrs. Mom said...

Don't worry Mrs C! I'll enter you in the contest! ;)

Have an awesome weekend!!