Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday Pictures

This is where I live.
Well actually live just outside of the town of
Umatilla, Oregon.

This is the local pizza parlor my kids like to go to.

From L to R:
Shanna, Daughter in law and mom to Briann,
Rick, Me, Patricia and then her hubby Mark.

This is my girls. Waiting for us to come home from Pizza!
Front to back: Sydney, Taumee, Sassy.

This Briann, cause she is so cute!

Briann on Daddy's shoulder.
(Our Eldest Son, Phillip)

This is Sassy, our youngest, giving Daddy kiss's
cause this is what she has to do to get her pets.


Mrs Parks said...

Hello from the other side of the mountain!
We're in beavercreek just outside of Oregon City and I look forward to following your blog :)

Robert said...

Awesome! Not ONE photo credit!!!! ::MAD::