Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Rains.................

Last week......
Torrential rain comes in.....
It was all of a sudden......
The neighbors horses bracing against
the pelting water
and winds.

After the rains, come the rainbow...
the promise from above
there would never be another flood.

It looked way worse on the other side of the river.
(Washington State Side.)
(We live on the Oregon side)
(Columbia River)

Droplets left from the rains.

Creations left on a Pussy Willow bud.
Video of the rain coming down.

All of this lasted about 10 minutes.
Sun before the rains.
Sun after the rains.
It was a pretty awesome show of Mother Nature.
Gotta love her humor!

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Simply_Pam said...

just happen by and was looking at your blog.. I have a 4 year old grand daughter that we call "Sissy" She would be thrilled to know there is a horse called Sissy!!!! thanks for sharing..