Friday, November 27, 2009

She's Gonna Get ZAPPED!

I have a lot to be thankful for this year.
Next year....
I AM NOT going to cook the dang BIRD!
That is a whole lot of work!
But it was fun, and there was so much good food!
I went out side to take a break,
after stuffing the bird and putting it in the oven,
and this is what I saw!
It was awesome, all those itty bitty birds.
It was almost like a gathering of mourning souls,
and they knew that I had a big bird in the oven.
Of course they were all chirping, so maybe they were singing the happy dance!
Who knows.

Today, the day after Thanksgiving, was WORK WORK WORK.
Who makes us work?

Yes this not so innocent horse!
Here she is doing what she does best!
Buckling the fences!
And in doing so, she got a tumble weed stuck in her mane!
She did that on the OTHER end of the pasture, and walked all the way over to me,
with this stuck in her mane.

So what happens when you have a leaning horse?

You eltrocute her!
Well not really.

She had this fence almost laying down in the yard.
HER SIDE is on the left!
MY SIDE is on the RIGHT!
She could of just stepped over it into our yard.
So I told hubby, GOTTA FIX IT!
So first thing this morning,
we are out there straighting it up.
Of course Sissy and Sadie decided they just had to help.
I did not have my camera at that time, darn it!
But Sissy just has to TOUCH everything!
Just like a kid that can't keep their hands to themselves.
Finally they got bored and went off to graze on what they could find.
I would look up and notice her watching our every move though.
After we got the hotwire HOT,
I had  hubby fix a few other spots too.

This is my tack room.
Believe it or not, SISSY would get between it and the fence!
Would scare me to death!
So we fixed it.

On both ends!
Yep, now she can't get in there.
Then While I am standing out there, while hubby ran to get some tools,
Sissy LOOKS AT ME....
And purposely walked between the round pen and the fence.
The look on her face said:
"See what I can do?"
"You saw that DIDN'T you?
because I walked over to my side of the fence and waved my hand,
Which is by the burning barrel in the photo.
and said back up, and she backed out of there.
LIKE SHE KNEW she should not of been there.

So we fixed it too!
Sadie is a good pasture Equine.
She does not lean.
She does not push her way into things.
She does not have to touch everything within reach.
I love both my horses!
They both give me 50% of what I need,
and that is 100% of Horseyness!

Yes, I am ever so thankful for my hubby!
I could not of gotten one any more perfect than
if I could of ordered one from Sears!


Gail said...

That's the way to show 'em! It is amazing how they can go through a crack a mouse could not crawl through.

I got my hubby from Sears too but he was in the returned section!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Well maybe she will stay off the fence now. I had a horse that I don't think could feel the shock or didn't care...she would just lay on the hotwire like it wasn't there silly mare.