Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hurricane winds!

I don't have pictures today! Sorry...
Last night I was awaken by the WIND!
Then I heard the sky open up and dump the rain.
The wind has blown all day long, and it still is as we speak.
I am sure that the prediction of 55 mph winds were true!

During the driving force of these winds, I had a bright idea!
Go out in my yard,
to the several different pile of leaves I had raked up on Thursday.
Areas where I had not raked yet, had no leaves!
And the piles were not moving because the rain water weighted them down.
SO I took my handy dandy little rake out there, and
I started flinging leaves up in the air!
It was awesome!
The leaves would float to the sky and then come down at the neighbors place!
I hope they did not see me doing this!
Not only did I probably look like an idiot,
but I am sure they did not want extra leaves, even though with the winds
they are not going to hang around long.

I did not make much of a dent in the piles though, but is sure was fun
traipsing through them.
Felt like a kid!

Sissy and Sadie came over to investigate and I always like to take the opportunity to
So I threw leaves up!
Sissy just stood there!
Never fazed her or Sadie that leaves were swilling around them!
Then I thought, ummmm
Back Scratcher!

So I let them both smell the rake.
It is one of those, that has the retractable tines.
So I retracted them, so the tips were just out a bit.

After they were done smelling the rake and licking it,
I decided to try it on Sadie first.
Mostly because she was closest to me!
She just stood there while I raked her fur! LOL
The dust blew out from the layers of her fur coat!
The slight bow in the rake made for the perfect butt scratcher!
She loved it!

Sissy was totally interested in it, and she tried to nibble on the rake,
As I was raking Sadie!
She always has to taste things!
So I moved over to her, and slowly touched her with it.
She just stood there, and I raked her butt and sides too!

Hubby comes out of the house to see what I am doing, and says:
"What are you doing? RAKING your HORSES?"
I said YEP! It is an extension of my arm! LOL

This was all done in the wind too!
I felt a good bonding moment today with the Ladies!
A good 15 minutes per Lady!

Oh on the way to work Friday,
I took this video!

I felt special in that 'Once in awhile' I am in the right place at the right time!


Dan said...

You are a WILD WOMAN. Tell Rick he'd better get better control of you or who knows what mischief you'll get yourself into next!!!!
The bird art was absolutely captivating. I realize they must have been struggling with the wind too, but what a 'digital capture' you have there.
But the raking of the horses takes the cake. . . reminds me of the song, "God is Great, the beer is good, and people are crazy."

You've gone over the top!!!

Tammy said...

OK, I admit, I freed a couple of tumbleweeds to roam the streets in our neighborhood during the big wind.

And then there was this tarp that got caught on our mailbox pole. Last I saw it blew up the street and then hung a right.