Thursday, November 19, 2009

OOAK Purses!

Cute purses!
Handy Dandy Purses!
I have come up with the PERFECT Purse!
They measure 11 Inches tall and 12 inches wide!
They have a pocket on the front, perfect for your keys.
(Click on photos for a larger version.)

The inside has pockets on both sides, and there is even a small
little pocket to stick a PEN!
Ever have trouble finding a pen when you need one?
Well here is the solution!
It is always right at your fingertips!
The top purse has kittens on a beach.
The blue one is made of denim,
with cotton lining.
The red is a denim type material, and the inside is lining.

This last one is awesome!
It has flames, and on the inside you see the white stripe?
Well it is the edge of the fabric. OOPS!
I wanted to be able to get two out of the material I got, and this was the only way to do it.

So, if any of you out there, need a purse that is just the right size,
is handy to carry around,
loaded with pockets,
Just let me know!
I will be putting them up on ETSY or EBAY haven't quite decided yet,
but I thought I would give my bloggers the first choice.

These are the only ones like this.
I won't promise I won't make more out of the same material.

I am selling them for a low price of just:
$25.00 ea.
A small $5.00 shipping fee.

I am sure that these won't last long.
I know my Daughter-in-law, is expecting one for Christmas! LOL

I will be previewing more as I get them made.

Any ideas out there, just let me know.
I am open to suggests.


Gail said...

These are amazing!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You are very talented! The flame purse just rocks!
If you ever make some purses using horse, Western or cowgirl related fabric, let me know. And I know of a lot of cowgirls who'd be wanting them, too. :)