Monday, November 2, 2009

Bees! Wasps? What ever you call them!

All summer long we fought these underground bees.
The dirt kept growing, 
the mound kept getting bigger!
I wanted to get a shovel and dig them out
but hubby would not let me.

Then the other day I went out there to find this perfectly round hole!
I knew it was not a dog.
My dogs are diggers, and NEVER do they dig a perfectly round hole.
So I figured it was a skunk or raccoon.

 These bees are still alive in the above photo.
Just milling about.
They never did attack us.
Maybe they should of! LOL
 Honey comb was scattered all about.
 Macro shot of the honey comb. Kind of neat huh?
 Then I killed the remaining bees!
Poor things!
But they were not honey makers.
What "were" in the combs was the next generation.
What ever got it, which I think was a skunk, and he was shot last night
by the neighbor kid.
Pulled up the lane and there he was.
Emptied a 22 rifle on him.
I asked him,
"What you missed with all the other shots?"
He said "no, that he wanted to make sure he was dead!"
I feel bad for the skunk,
At least he had a good last meal!
Thankful that he cleaned out my bee's nest.


Scrappy Doo said...

SCARY!!! OMG I have never seen such a thing.
I am with ya though I would have to kill the little suckers!

Rudee said...

What you had there were likely yellow jackets. They don't make honey and only the female stings. As a young girl, I got one caught in my hair and it stung me several times on the back of my neck. I've been terrified of them since. The males are territorial and will buzz you as you approach, but they don't sting. This summer, we had a nest in one of the pillars of our front porch and had an exterminator come out to deal with them. When the first cold weather approached, I noticed them fly into my family room through the cold air return. We've had some very cold nights lately, and I haven't killed one in awhile. I hope it's over. If yours aren't gone, Sevin works well to kill what's left.

I think I may feel a bit sorry for the skunk though.