Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well? Would YOU?

This is my office at work.
Take note of the NEW monitor to the left......
Boss Man said he wanted to put up some security camera's.
For the shop area, and the work bays, and the till.
That is all fine.

Do you notice something here?
Look in that corner below the vent in the ceiling.
Note the pictures on the monitor:
Top Left....
Yep It is pointed DIRECTLY AT ME!
There I am in all my glory!
Taking a picture of myself on the monitor.
Which I would think Boss Man would want to do.
Instead it is pointed directly at ME!
It is very hard to work under these circumstances.
Trust is a big issue here.
After over a year of service I would think that I could be trust worthy!
I will be giving my notice because I can not work for someone
that does not trust his employee's.
If he thinks he has to monitor my time every minute, then
he can have this job back.
His shop runs smoothly, so much so that he has
just about taken a year off from there.
IF it did not run smooth and his employee's were NOT trustworthy,
then He would not be able to take the time off that he does.

Oh well. Maybe it was meant to be, because I am starting up my own
bookkeeping business.
I am just trying to get it off the ground,
and more on that later.


The Wife said...

Good luck on your new adventure. I wouldn't want to work for someone that didn't trust me either. But heck, I work for the government, they don't trust anyone!

Reluctant Cowboy said...

I agree the camera's are set up for control not security. Probably has the thing set up so he can check out the shop on his blackberry will golfing ;)

Good luck on getting your own business going.

wilsonc said...

@$$hole! That's what I think. Good luck getting your own business off the ground.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That's not a security camera, but a SPY camera! gah! Is he also a pervert? Why would he need to watch you every minute like that? Creepy! Have you spoke to him about it yet? Even if you are planning leaving, make sure you tell him why. Because he needs to know AND he needs to make sure that his future employees KNOW they are being spied upon 24/7. I don't think it's legal to do that without telling your employers first.

Good luck with your new business. I hope it's a success. How fun to work for yourself, too.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

ooops. "telling your employees first"...not employers. He already knows! grrr!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to work for someone like that either. Sheesh

VA Dan said...

Dear Mrs. Cravitz,
I do believe that if my employer set up a camera that monitored my behaviors and movements as well as work habits I would be inclined to MOON the SOB.
P.S. Good luck on your new endeavor and consider leaving a note the camera can clearly 'see' that states something to the effect of, "Kiss my rosy, red A$$ you pervert!!
P.S.2 Peace and Joy

Jocelyn said...

What a jerk off ! Good Luck with the new venture.

Jennifer said...

Good luck with the new business. I don't blame you a bit, I would feel just the same way!

Anonymous said...

That is a little much, I agree.

Good luck on your new business. I know it will all go just fine.

Have a great day.

Caprice- said...

Too bad about the loss of the job but when God closes one door, He opens another. Good luck with your bookeeping job and do you need an assistant? JK... maybe. I'm hoping God will open a door for me. I am in my 5th year of Real Estate Sales and Property Mjmnt and it's stressing me out to the point that I don't want to answer my phone! I also do accounting p/t so truly- don't know where you are- but do you need an asst???

50+ Horses said...

That just stinks! How sad that he has such a low trust level, and you say you've worked there for over a year?...that's awful.

Good luck in your new job - keep us posted on how it goes.