Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Freedom of the Open Road

Well, Winter is upon us,
even though we are being blessed with some pretty nice days.
But the bike is put away,
it sits in the shop,
looking lonely and sad.
Come spring time,
we will be riding again!
Here is a video hubby found on You Tube,
that will just have to do
until we can ride again!


Dan said...

That video sure makes me want to go out for a ride on this Thanksgiving Day. Supposed to be 63* and sunny.

I ride and I understand! (but my wife, family and friends probably wouldn't) ;-(

Good find Rick. Come to VA and we'll rent you a Harley so you and Mrs. Cravitz can experience the reality of "Virginia is for Lovers!"

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You have some great things to look forward to. Looks like you have much to be thankful for, my friend.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day with your two and four legged loved ones.