Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby bunny.

A small little bunny showed up.
A cat brought it in.
Not my cat, nor at my house.

It was just a little guy.
He was weened, and did eat some clover and grass I had picked for him.
The girls of course kept watch.
Sydney wanted to mother it.
She is keeping the baby warm.
She is being the 'mom' she use to be.

Warning her daughter, Sassy, to STAY AWAY!
"Ok, I am going to hide it from you!"
The only time she relaxed was holding the baby.

Screech: "Let me at him!"

The bunny did not make it. 
I think it had some internal injury.
I felt so bad.
By next morning he was cold and stiff.
So I wrapped him in the cowboy fleece, and tied it with a ribbon.
Rick dug a hole, and we had a small burial for him.
I let the three girls each sniff the baby before we buried him,
so that they knew he was gone, and would not continue to look for him.

I read on the internet about wild bunnies, that they normally do not survive.
Their internal make up is made up differently from a domesticated rabbit.
Sometimes you get lucky and they will live.
Not knowing where the cat got the bunny,
it was hard to let it go back out to the neighborhood.
It would of gotten caught again by another cat, or a dog.
So our friend brought it out to us.

RIP Bunny!


Reddunappy said...

I have only had one out of many live, and it was older when the dogs brought it up, with a broken leg. There is a great website, it you have domestic rabbits, that tells you how to mix the proper, yes there is proper, rabbit poop in the milk to give them. They have been really sucessful in saving a lot of wild bunnies. I have had them live for a week then all of a sudden die overnight, they are so hard to nurse.

Lois Evensen said...

Aww, a sweet, but sad story. We've had similar bunny stories over the years when the kids were small.