Thursday, July 22, 2010

The TOP 40! Pick ME UP OFF the floor!

The other night I sat down to read my email.  Nothing out of the ordinary really. The same ole Facebook emails letting me know that someone had commented on something or other.

Then I came across one that I ALMOST thought was spam!!!!  As I read deeper into the email I am thinking, 
"Maybe this is for real?" So I took a chance and clicked on one of the links!

It "IS" for real!

2010 Top 40 Horses Blogs Award!
Click to see my name in lights listed!

You can see the award on the side of my blog here too.
I am so honored to be among some of the most read blogs out there.

The email said that I was chosen through a scoring system led by internet nominations, which came from my reader base!


My ideal would be to post every day, but I don't always have that leasure!

Of course if I would POST before I READ my friends blogs,
because after I have read, what I was going to post is boring!

I am not creative enough to take something from nothing and make it interesting.
I think I will work on that though.....

Today I feel special!