Friday, July 2, 2010

Learning Libby!

I don't have any pictures but I am so excited!
At our local Sage Riders Club arena
we have open ride night on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Last Thursday I took Libby up there.
Her and I were going to see how well we listened to each other,
without an instructor.

A good friend and her daughter came up with their horses' also.
Mom on Slate and Daughter on Sykra.
(Slate is same color as Libby and Sykra is black and white Icelandic Mare.)

Libby and I rode all over the arena with about 6 other riders.
She did awesome! 
We even did a bit of trotting.

Then Mom and Daughter rode their horses out in the back forty where we held the Trail Challenge.
They really were having a lot of fun, and so I gathered up my courage 
and Libby and I headed out there.

Libby walked out without a care in the world.
She was having fun!
I was having fun!
I got her to walk across a bridge on flat ground.
Libby walked over some big logs.
Libby walked through a ditch.
Libby even walked through some watery marsh and then over a bridge 
that crossed a culvert!
Then there were three big tractor tires that are filled with dirt, and 
I pointed Libby at the smallest one. 
She put two front feet up, I stopped her.
She got down, and then
I was riding on cloud nine!

Yes Libby and I rode for 2 hours that night, and I had the best time!
Mom, Daughter and I even did a pin wheel.
Libby and I were in the center and Daughter was in the middle and mom on the outside.
When we went to reverse, I moved to the middle but I could not get Libby
in between the other two horses to trot.
But you know, that is ok. 
It gives us something to work on!

(Gosh Libby amazes me all the time)
For my lesson this week it was a trail ride.
So my instructor rode her horse, Berry. (cute name)
and I of course rode Libby.
We walked down her gravel road to a field of planted lima beans.
Libby walked ever so slowly.
Behind Berry.
Stopped several times.
Once we left the road and got to the field, 
I was surprised!
Libby stepped out and walked along as if 
she was having fun!
It was awesome!
We came upon a lady walking her two dogs. 
One dog, which was black, barked a bit at us but mostly stood and stared.
We sat calmly on our horses.
As the lady passed us, her german shephard barked at us and then would not follow its owner.
Just kept staring and Libby and me barking.
So I turned Libby toward the dog, and started to walk.
Libby did so as if it was a game. 
She had no qualms about walking toward that barking dog!
The dog took off to its owner, and we turned around and continued on our way!

As we got to the end of our ride, and leaving the field area, 
Something scared Libby to high heaven.
She spooked!
When she spooked, she planted her feet and hunkered down!
I did not even get upset in my saddle!
It was great!
Not that she spooked of course, but that she didn't do a jig, nor take off!

Libby surprises me every day!
I love her more and more.
She is a kind soul and spending time with her is great.
I was so busy yesterday that I did not even get out to say hi to her.
I need my horsey fix, and so I am going to go spend some time with her.
Libby you are just what the doctor ordered!


Lois Evensen said...

You and Libby are surely a perfect match. :) I'm very happy for you both.

Gail said...

Sounds perfect. Maybe this will encourage me to be more horse-active.

wilsonc said...

How wonderful that you have found a horse you can do all these things on! I see a bright future for you and Libby.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Fabulous! Sounds like Libby is the perfect horse for you! It's awesome that's she's a spook-in-place horse, too. Shows she's smart and wise and not an over-reactor. Yay!

And good for you doing the right thing in pointing Libby at the annoying dog and having her in control of the situation.

I'm so happy for you. You and Libby are going to have so much fun together!


The Urban Cowboy said...

Sounds like a perfect match.