Sunday, July 17, 2011

Old Jake and Baby Jenny.....

This is Jake. He is a good ole dog.
Jenny is still short and clumsy!
(Aren't baby's just adorable?)
This is Jenny! The new young-un'.

 Jenny is still discovering her world.
This was the first time she had been to the pond.
 There was water, and grass, and even bugs!
All sorts of new and interesting things!
 And sometimes she trys to play with Jake,
but he treats her like a pesky fly, and would just as soon get up and move.

 Discovering her new world, tuckers her out.
 That face! Just look at that face!
It was just an over load of cuteness for me!
So much so,
that I asked Jenny to talk to the hubby. She tried to explain to him that
there were at least 8 more siblings 
that needs a loving home.
But it didn't work!


Lois Evensen said...

Oh, how very sweet! :))))

50+ Horses said...

Love both your dogs! We also brought home a puppy when our dog became a "senior". It was the best thing we ever did. Our elderly dog showed our puppy "the ropes" and many of his wonderful personality traits were passed onto the puppy, now grown up and a wonderful dog.

Nikker said...

Goodness!! She is sooo cute! Gives me puppy fever! LOL!

Mikey said...

She is SO cute! How could anyone resist that face?