Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Freedom Cruiser Riding Club.
This is why we went to Sturgis.
They had a national get together in Rapid City on Wednesday evening.

It was a pretty good turn out and Chapter 38 hosted it.

But To kill time before we headed there,
we thought we would go check out Sturgis
Everyone, on this last day, did and went where they wanted.
So all were on their own. 
Even though we usually found each other at some point.

We pretty much checked out the vendors.
By the 10th one, I am coming to the conclusion:
They all have the same stuff!
Same T-Shirts.
Same Leathers.
Same Sunglasses.
Same Gloves.
Same hardware.
Same Helmets.
And you know, the prices did NOT vary!

We saw the business liscense to one of the vendors, and they had to pay 
the City of Sturgis $600.00 for an 11 day vendor license to set up their 12 x 16 tent!
Also we were talking with one of the other vendors, and he was telling us
that they pay in the neighborhood of $30,000.00 for they spot in Sturgis!
WOW That City is making the money!

JP Cycles has a whole block! 
Wonder what THEY pay!

Everyone met back up at camp and kick stands up at 4:30 PM to head to Rapid City.
It was a great ride to Rapid City.
The place we met had cabins and the people that ran the place were outstanding!
We were told, by some FCRC members that stayed there,
when they had arrived, it was raining, then the rain turned to hail and
employees ran out with blankets to help cover bikes!

Then the kitchen was closing and brought over a huge basket of chips
and two trays of DIP! 

Then the next night, the place was even hosting a BBQ for the FCRC members that were staying there, and could make it. In appreciation of everyone coming from far and wide!
Customer Service is outstanding at Canyon Lake Resort!

Here are a few photos of our event:

 The cook:

 Mama Duck brought her children out to show support.
Actually they were looking for a handout!

 The Umatilla Chapter below, with the ducks on the side line.

Now this gentleman below
Has a story to tell:
He comes the USA from Australia.
Buys a Harley Davidson.
Travels to where ever he wants to go.
On his way home
he makes arrangement's to:
ship the bike back to Australia when he is done traveling.

After he gets home,
He SELLS the bike!
He is allowed to do 4 a year, and makes a good living
AND has fun at the same time!

He was a guest of this chapter.
Yep, I could of listened to him talk forever.
His accent was very thick and he was quite entertaining.

We said our goodbyes, and headed back to camp.
We had lots of packing to do to leave in the morning.

Our goal.........Billings, MT.

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Lois Evensen said...

Wow, you're still having a blast! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure your posts will be a fun record of the events for you to keep after it is all over, too. :)