Thursday, August 25, 2011

Heading home......1st stop, Billings, MT.

We made Stugis in 2 days of hard riding.
On the way home, our navigator said we would take 3.
So our first night's desitnation was Billings, Mt.
 Beautiful start to the day.
 We took a little jaunt out to see Devils Tower and on the way,
we passed this wood carving. I would of loved to stop, but we didn't.
 Devils Tower.

 The gift store had all kinds of neat things.

 Richard and Kathy.
 Admiring some bikes from Kansas.
 Once again skirting around some rain clouds.

 On the way into Billings the kids saw a sign
So we just had to go eat dinner there.
 Phillip and Shanna
 Bob checking in with his wife.
 Cameron and Shelby
 Me and Rick
 When we got back to our KOA campsite
we were greated with a family of deer!
They were just adorable!
 We had a new neighbor too.
This is, "Cargo".
He rides a bike!
Well he actually rides in a bed on the gas tank.
He had the longest eye lashes.
He just came from Stugis too.
His human's man friend was in a motorcycle accident.
He hit a deer doing about 35 mph.
He went over a cliff and was not found for 4 hrs.
He is not doing well and she is on on her way home to Mt. Rainer Washington.
By the next morning, she told us a girl friend was on her way to pick her
and Cargo and the bike up.
It would of taken her three days to get home
and her family did not want to worry about her.
I keep them in my prayers and hope everyone is ok.
 Our Camp site.
To end the evening we all played miniature golf.
Off to bed, and another early morning.

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Lois Evensen said...

What a trip! We would have to stop at Famous Dave's, too!