Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Found On LoLo Pass......

On our way home from Stugis, coming over Lolo pass,
we stopped for gas half way down the mountain.

One of our group members brought me over a cherry looking item,
and I about fell over!
It was the size, shape and color of a RAINER CHERRY!

Those are going for a good gold piece in the stores.
I can't even afford to buy them!

I was the only brave one, to taste it, and since I did not keel over in a poisoned 
fit of death, 
everyone else decided to try it too.
Everyone was guessing things from:
to Apricots
to and Apricot Plum mix...
No one really knew WHAT they were.

Then I got to thinking, 
we still had a way to get home.
Maybe I should investigate this further.

I took one into the service station and asked the attendant what it was.
She laughs and says they are:

She said that people come along and pick them
and make jelly from the juices.
I know it would take a lot cause they ARE only the size of a cherry.

So out comes a walmart bag, and my daughter-in-law and I 
get all the ripe ones we could.
It was only this little bowl full.
Since they are wild.
There was all sizes of trees along this river bank.
That means they must be easy to grow.
Well I have saved all the seeds.
I am going to plant me some PLUM TREES! LOL
These things are so sweet and juicy and tasty and yummy!

There should be a caution tape affixed to them though:

"Eat very many, and you spend the day playing Queen of the throne!"

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Lois Evensen said...

Welllllll, you know what plums become when they are dried, right? PRUNES! And, we know what prunes do. :))))))))

They look wonderful. I bet jam or jelly from them would be great. I hope your seeds grow.