Monday, August 22, 2011


We stayed at the
Elkview Campground
In Stugis.
I recommend it to anyone passing thru.
They only utilize the cooking facilities during the Sturgis Rally, but is open all year round.
Click the link to go to their webpage.
 The Kitchen Area
 Outside of 'kitchen'
By the time we got camp set up, it was dark.
 Coming into the campground area.
 Headed to where we camped.
It is a very large campground!
Our little corner of Sturgis.
(Note: We were maybe 1/2 mile from the freeway. The noise emitting was 24 hrs a day.
When we went to bed, we fell asleep to the drones of motorcycles. Each night I would wake up at about 2 or 3 AM. By the end of our stay, it dawned on me that I woke up because there was no motorcycle noise! For about 2 hrs (2-4 AM) the motorcycles all slept.)

Mother Nature gave us a wonderful display of  lightening that
illuminated all those clouds earlier in the day.
No thunder, but still a work or art.
 The next day we check out the sights and sounds of
what goes on in Stugis during the yearly event.
So below are pictures randomly posted:
 Main Street!
 This was a popular hang out!

 Interesting helmet gear!
And yes, they were decorated with
dead animals!
So many bikes the exhaust fumes were horrendous!
This was pretty cute!
 One of the eateries on main street was pretty cute.
It was decorated like a little Italian village.
They acutally had pretty good food,
but something got lost in the
English to Italian language
because they it was total cayouse when it came to service
and ordering!
The motorcycle muesum in Sturgis is a must visit.

The afternoon took us on a journey to Deadwood
which is not far from Sturgis.
This town I enjoyed.
 The drive there wound through the mountains.
 Main Street of Deadwood,
Lots more bikes!

 A bank vault in a gift store.
The bank had been in operation for 100 years.
Taking a break!
 The only western headband I found!
Between our campground and the city of Strugis
was a dirt bike area.
Yes they do cater to all bikes, even Honda's and Yamaha's!

Going back to camp we also pass a very large
cemetery that is majestic in size.

Then there is "DA BUS"!
It goes from our campground to all the night life stops around the area.
This is actually a neat service because you do not want to be drinking and driving your bike.
It is hary cary when your sober!
Tom and his doo-rag!
And for those that really want to know:
The nekked girls come out at dusk!
And SOME even get an interview!
(This is where I learned what Pasties were.)
AND for the record:
Did not see a one that was cute!

Next post:
Day Two of Sturgis..........

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Mikey said...

I've always wanted to go on that run. Love seeing the pics, too cool! Those helmets are AWESOME!! I bet I could spook some horses with one of those, rotfl!