Sunday, August 21, 2011

STURGIS ~ Two days of hard riding.

Saturday the 6th of August promised to be a HOT and sunny day.
Everyone gathered at the Cross Roads in Umatilla.
Kick stands UP at 6:30 AM!
 My car was packed with the daughter-in-laws essentials:
They were riding the bikes with their husbands.
(Bets were on as to who would ride the farthest,
since neither of them got much bike/butt time in before the trip)

We were headed to Sturgis.
Plans were to make to Butte, MT the first night.
(508 miles)
But first we had to stop at Eldest sons house and pick him and his wife up.
 Our first stop for breakfast was at the Chocolate Factory just outside of TriCities, WA.
Then it was onto Spokane.
We met at a rest stop just outside to pick up our last rider.
We were greeted by our cousin which was a wonderful Surprise.
 He and his brother originally planned to go with us, as well as their wives,
but an unexpected death in the family made it impossible.
So it was good to see him.
Soon as Bob made it to our meeting spot we were off!

 This was my view the whole way.
 I followed the bikes.
Around Drummond the skys started to threaten us with rain.
But it was hot!
So keeping the sun at bay was pretty nice.
But everyone kept their eyes on those clouds.
 We pull into Drummond and fuel up.
We can only go about 100 miles at a time
because the smallest bike was an 883 Harley.
It was good. Gave me something to look forward to.
Just out side Drummond the pavement was wet.
Bike tires were kicking up the water.
So out of precaution everyone stopped to put on rain gear.
We had been skirting around the rain for quite some time
and it really looked as if we were going to hit it head on.
(after all the gear up, we all missed it!)
At 7 PM (after loosing one hour of time), we pulled into the KOA at Butte, MT.
Brother-in-law was already there.
He helped everyone get camp set up.
First Camp!

First Dinner on the road at Perkins in Butte.
The next day began early,
only because no one slept.
It got down right cold, and new bed, new place, the excitement,
well lets just say, we were on our way just as the sun was creeping over the hills.

 We traveled I-90 all the way. 
This took us into a small corner of WYOMING.
 In Wyoming, they BALE HAY in the median!
How conservative!

 This was an interesting structure!
It was a coal mining plant.

On the left side of the freeway was the pit they got the coal out of.

This was the exit to the coal mine operation!

Destination in site.
By this time we had already traveled:
2 days
1095 miles.
We pulled into our campground at 8 PM.
 Bob on the left and Rick on the right.
You can see my little car in the back behind Rick.
 Tom on his 883.
 Shelby and Cameron
Richard and his Wife following in the white car.
 View from the back of Phillip and Shanna's Bike.
Phillip on his Bike.
 Bob on his bike.
(NOTE: Bob is the only guy out of 157,000 people going to Sturgis 
that did NOT get a hint of a suntan!)
 Rick on his Bike.
 Once we got to Sturgis, I rode the bike.
Much easier!
 Me Driving the car following.
Kathy in her car.

We were HOT!
and Hungry!
But happy to know we would be there for three days.

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Lois Evensen said...

What a ride! It appears you're all having a grand time.

Love the bales of hay in the middle of the highway.

Be safe!