Sunday, August 14, 2011

36 Years ago....this past Friday night.......

Seems like 4-ever ago,
but on the other hand
it could of only been yesterday!
Yes it happens to the best of us!
It was so long ago,
I need glasses now, 
I don't remember where I stood, nor can I see myself in this picture!
But I am there!
(So if you find me, let me know)
A lot of years,
so much time
has passed.

A lot of our classmates are no longer of this world
and have passed on.
To this, my heart is saddened.

There was quite a good turn out for the Friday Social!
(Thank You! Debi Bass Kraft, who
Worked so hard to put everything together,)

"I" enjoyed catching up with everyone.

There were those that traveled thousands of miles,
some a few.
Those that still live in Milton Freewater,
those who left and came back, or never left.

Everyone has a story to tell, a life to reflect upon.
This was a time to catch up with classmates of yesteryear.

You can go see more photos at:

Now this is what I look like:
(36 years ago)

I did coerse these two into going to the reunion!
(Thank you! You are such good sports!)
As well as the hubby.
(I know, I owe ya honey!
YOU are such a good sport!)

Such a wonderful surprise!
(We need to make a date for that trail ride!
On hooves - Not Wheels!)
Much needed meeting and so glad to!
(I so enjoyed it! Thank You!)

Then and Now:

I do believe we have all aged like a fine wine!
I know I have missed some of you and my apologies....

The following day: 
We were off on a vacation.................


Lois Evensen said...

How come everyone else has changed so much, but we stay the same? ;)

What a fun post! Thanks.

RoeH said...

I love seeing how people change through the years. Fun post!