Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Yesterday I finally got to play with Sissy and Sadie! WOW! The pic of Sissy above was taken last year when I was messing around. I can do just about anything with her. She lets me put anything ON her too! I bought some bells, and I am going to turn them into hoof bells. SO that when she walks she jingles! LOL

Yesterday I went out, and I got Sadie. Brushed her down, cleaned her feet, and then took her out of the pasture and went for a walk down our drive. (I still wonder what the neighbors think of me) HAHA.... Sadie is not as tuned into me as I would like.

I took lessons last summer with Sissy, and one of my lessons, was to teach Sissy to walk ear to ear with me. I walk fast she walks fast. I walk slow and she walks slow. My teacher said I would be able to make her tip toe, and I did not believe her at first.....WALAH! I can! It is so cool!

Anyway, Sadie is a very good horse, but she does not know that routine, so we worked on it. She was getting the "walk" and the "whoa" command down pretty good.

All the while, Sissy is tossing a fit in the pasture, running from one end to the other. She is soooo buddy sour.

When I put Sadie back in the pasture I was not going to take Sissy out, because she was so worked up, but I put the halter on her to see what her mood was, and she was immediately in tune to me. NOT ONCE did she whinny for Sadie...or look to see where she was. We did our little routine, and she remembered to walk ear to ear. Whoa when I said, and Walk when I said.

This summer I am determined to teach her to bow, and to lay down. After a bite of some green newly grown grass's along the drive, and a good rub down and pedicure, I put her back in the pasture. OOOOH it felt so good. They got their cookies for being good ladies, and I felt so much better.

I don't have to ride my horses to be able to enjoy them. Although that is a bonus, but for me it is more relaxing if I can just play with them. Riding is very tense for me. It is because I am not to comfortable riding yet.

I take lessons from Linda Ware, and she lives at Hat Rock in Oregon. Very nice place and Trails all over the place. I have not graduated to trails yet. LOL

Horse Lessons

Linda is an awesome instructor and she works with ME and my horse. That is what I have looked for since I got Sissy. She gave me lessons to work on for the week, and I accomplished most of them in that week, before my next lesson. Sissy even seemed to enjoy them too.
My only wish, is that Sissy was not such a BIG horse! LOL

This was a couple of years ago. Sissy seems to enjoy the dang sacks! LOL So that was good.

This is a very good friend that helped me to work with Sissy too. She took Sissy for a trail ride along the Columbia, and Sissy enjoyed every moment of it. I just LOVE this picture!

I have a picture of me on Sissy too, but I have just spent an hour looking on my computer. BOY Do I need to so some serious organizing! LOL


deserthorses5 said...

I had a pinched nerve in my back last fall and I actually won't be able to ride Beauty until June! So, I'm like you...kind of a "back to the basics" rider! I hadn't riden a horse for over 30 years until a year ago when I rode Beauty! My cousin took her and "fine tuned" her last summer and got her trail broke and now she is an awesome trail horse! I need to take some lessons again, myself, but that will have to wait until June. I'm going to get a lumbar support thing and the gel saddle pads! I DO NOT ever want to go through that again!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sissy is gorgeous! I love how she really didn't want to be with Sadie...she really just wanted to take a walk with YOU! :)

I know what you mean about not having to ride. That just being with your horses is good enough. I think I will start doing that, too, once I'm able to walk again.

It will be at least until August before I'm able to ride, but spending time with my horse on the ground will be a good way to work myself through my fears and alos build up my relationship with my horse again. I've only been able to be with her up close, just once in 4 weeks.

I love to ride trails on my horse, though. But I know what you mean about being nervous/tense and having to be so focused. Horses can move so quickly and do things you just don't! Look at me! :P

Anyway, I loved seeing your photos (still wanna see one of you, too) and reading about your horses.