Saturday, February 21, 2009

This is why we live here!

I am beat!
But I feel good
We have to fix the sand trap to our irrigation.
It is in the pasture.
So we tore my round pen down, and carried panels to section it off.
That way the horses will not bother it,

To the left is where we will be working.

Pretty Sadie!

The pipe.
Below is the area that needs replaced!

Sissy wants some coffee!

Neighbor dug out the pipe on his side of the fence.
Below he brings down some replacement pipe.

Can we help? HUH? HUH? Can we dad?

The pipe off.

Sissy looking bored.

Hubby looking like an ostrich! LOL

Washing out the pipe.

Neat pic. Asked hubby to stick his head back in the hole!

My babies!

Ok. The Photos adds a few hundred pounds!
Honest, Sissy is not fat! LOL

Sissy loves anything new.
I was trying to desensitize her so I would move the hose.

Since she is FOOD motivated, she thought it was something to eat!

She has to taste EVERYTHING! LOL

The screen that goes inside the pipe.


The kind neighbor willingly leveled out my round pen!
It had such a slant to it, and hard dirt, it really was not safe to
work my horses in it.

Now to add some sand!

I loved today, because while hubby worked on the pipe,
I hung out with my horses.
They loved it!
Got lost of pets.
Lots of brushing.
Even cleaned their chee cheese! LOL
It had been awhile, and I wished someone would take pictures of Sissy's expressions,
because she dang near laid down! LOL
She lifted her leg so high, and then her nose was going
to beat the band in the air, and her neck was outstretched!

I cleaned Sadies Chee Cheese, too, but she just stood there!

I got in such good quality time with them today that I feel so good!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol!! You and Sadie's Chee Chees! The vision of it is just cracking me up.

You made what could of have been a boring post, very interesting.

And that pipe photo of your hubby was so cool. At first it looked like you had gagged his mouth with duct tape....and then I saw his reflection. Very neat!

Your horses are so beautiful...and not fat....voluptious....which is a very good thing :)


Beth...UK said...

Wow Jody, Sissy is beautiful, she looks so healthy, and seems like she has her own special character..just like her owner!!
No wonder you love living there it looks really nice.. also it seems like hard work for hubby!
love all the piccies and your sites are super and informitive you put them together so well...
Take care now
Beth UK..

3 Bay B Chicks said...

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Caprice- said...

Looks like you had a great day! I love to hang with the horses but it's hard to get that kind of time. How LOVELY of your neighbor to flatten your round pen area! Will he do mine too? I should take a pic of mine- you'd laugh! It is so not flat it's scary. No I don't use it that way- I'm hoping someone will take pity on me and flatten it for me!
Great pic of hubby and pipe. Very Very Creative!

KatBouska said...

I think you need to put sissy on a gluten free diet. No more fatty cupcakes for her!!

You guys are BUSY!

Jocelyn said...

CHE CHEES! HIlarious, I hate that job, but oh so gross. My mare doesnt care, but oh my Arab mare thought it was the best thing ever..

My Arab mare was a total pest , if you were were workin gor in her general vicinity, she had to be at your side. Total pest.

Tell the mares that the camera puts on 20 pounds, and only take pics from the side ;)