Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines For ALL my Friends!
(Photo is of Simon and Sydney
Yes they are buds
Yes they are quite bonded together)

I probably won't get to post much over the weekend....
I thought I would share pictures with you.
Pictures tell more of a story than I can...

Here is Sissy (L) and Sadie (R)
They think they are going to get more breakfast...
I know they are conversing here...
Sissy: "You think?"
Sadie: "NOT!"

Here is Simon.
My Siamese I always wanted that
wakes up in a new world every day.
His eyes tell the story! LOL
He is so cross eyed.

Here he is outside the fence, looking in....
"Do I know this place?"

And then there is Screech!
Here he is laying on the dogs couch with Sydney.
Yep, He thinks he's a dog!

This was our last snow, January 24, 2009
It was gone by the next day.....

I came across CAT tracks! YEPPERS!
Not cougar thank goodness....
Nor my cats.....
We have a lot of feral cats around.
but this print was
so crisp.

Then next to that was these.
So different...
I am sure it was a rabbit that passed this way!
This is looking down our lane standing in my front yard.
In the back ground is Hwy 730.

This is the neighbors below us.
The water in the back ground is the Columbia River.

That's All Folks!

1 comment:

Caprice said...

Mrs. C,
Sadie and Sissy are very pretty. We don't get much snow here (thank the Lord for that because I can't drive in snow!) but we've had some wild weather in the last week. It is very stormy this AM and I got pretty wet feeding the animals.
Nice pics and post for V-Day. Hope yours was nice. I spent it with friends and glad I didn;t have to spend my 2nd V-Day as an unmarried woman alone.
Have a great Sunday!