Saturday, February 7, 2009

Horse Tracks

I just LOVE the site of horse prints in my driveway! It just gives me a feeling of comfort. Don't know why. They are different than the horse prints in the pasture. I think it might be because it means that I had my Ladies out playing with them.

Today we were really busy! We got up! I actually slept in till 7 AM! WHOO HOO! I NEVER sleep that late, but I think I was making up for not sleeping the night before. Plus I took a couple of advil before going to bed, so I think that helped to kill the pain I feel from laying in one spot while I sleep.

Anyway, We went to a gun show in Walla Walla. Hubby wanted to go. He found some really good deals on some brass. He reloads his own. It was shoulder to shoulder people on there. Hubby said that they should give Obama an award for topping out gun sales! LOL...Oh well. I guess it is a good reason for Hubby to get a new gun! LOL...

Then we swung by my brothers house to say hi! WOW! IT had been OVER a year since we have seen each other! I could not believe it! How time flys! But it was good to see and visit for awhile. My sister in law was working, and I do miss visiting with her.

Then on home. When we got home the sun was shining and it was NICE! For once....So I got the Ladies out, and played with them. Sadie was first, because Sissy is Pretty buddy sour, and so she has to stew a bit while Sadie and I go for a walk. After a good brushing of course. (Mental note: Need to bring out the Apple Bitter and spray in Sadies Mane because the F$#@ Neighbors horses are chewing it off!) We walk down the drive way, down to the highway. She needs to learn the "Walk" and "Whoa" commands, and so I am working on that with her. She was pretty skittish, and kept sniffing the ground, and just all around pretty nervous. Ummm.....tells me more walks are in the future.

Then we go back to the hitchin tree, and I clean her hoofs. I do that last, so that I only have to do it once, and that way I make sure she does not have any gravel in her feet when I put her back in the pasture.

Well I take the halter off Sadie, and Sissy walks off. I thought, "You little twit!". So I put the halter back on Sadie, and we go for another walk around the shop, so Sissy can't see us. She is whinning for us to come back. We hang out for a bit. THen I go back and put Sadie back in the pasture. Sissy walks off again. Well I just walked beside her untill she whoa'd. (Mental note, got to work on that)....

Took Sissy out. Good brushing down. Then we went for a walk. Down the drive. Stopped and walked. She remembers. Not nervous at all. So we walk all the way down to the highway! A big semi! Lots of noise.. Sissy just stands there....not bothered by anything. So I wait for traffic to clear. Then we Walk along the highway, about 30 yards, to my neighbors drive. Cars passing. She does not even seem to notice!

We make a turn up our neighbors drive! WOW! Off the highway, and I am way more nervous than Sissy! But we made it. So hard to not show your nerves, and I know she can sense it, but she doesn't act it either. We get back to our yard, and after we had turned off the highway, I kept thinking, I COULD OF RIDDEN YOU! LOL.... (Mental note: Gotta work on my riding confidence!) She gets her feet cleaned, and off to feed them dinner.

As I walk back to the house, I look at the hoof prints. Just gives me a soft spot in my heart! I love my Ladies!

We walk in front of our house, like behind the horse trailer......

Down this lane which goes to the highway. Took a left at the highway and around that white trailer there in front of the truck, and out the drive, that is at the front of the truck, and back home.

See! I could of rode her. This was last summer, and a very good friend of mine rode Sissy across a busy highway, and down to the river for a trail ride. It was awesome! Here Sissy just patiently waits for the traffic to clear!
(This is the lane at the Morrow County Line, about 3 miles from my house.)

She then crosses the Highway.

Walks past places with all sorts of things.

And back home, (just up from the Morrow County Line, not to far from my friends house), and Sissy enjoyed every minute of it!
(My friend riding her)
Yes it will be ME some day soon!

I still love horse prints in my drive way!


Cheryl Ann said...

What a good girl! I can't wait to ride Beauty (after my back heals) June. I love to see hoof prints, too!

Train Wreck said...

What a day! I love horse prints too. As long as they are not across my lawn! he he. Just getting ready to draw my winner from my followers, thought I'd stop by and say hello.

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Thank you for visiting the Ridge and lifting Clayton up in prayer.

Horse prints...reminded me of an article I read about a pony that had it's leg amputated. A man made a prosthesis and on the hoof was a smiley face with each step the pony left the imprint of a smiley face. If I can find it I'll post it on my blog.

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

I'll post it on my blog tomorrow but I really wanted you to see this before I get that done.

20 meter circle of life said...

HI Jewel from 20m and viva volte here!! Came by from JP's place. I love horse prints.

Cheryl Ann said...

Come visit my blog, deserthorses ( for an award I am passing on to you!