Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Favorite Room

Today I am going to dig deep and show you my Crap, I mean Craft room.....
On the wall above the closet, is this puzzle.
I fell in love with it, and after I put it together
I glued it and hung it.

To the left of my closet, are shelves with my dolls.
Yes look closely you will see a Chatty Kathy!
I don't think she talks anymore though.
She was silenced a long time ago.
Not by me, but by age.
One requirement as children,
we HAD to take care of our toys.
At the time, I did not like it,
but now I appreciate that mom made us
take care of them.

This is more dolls things....and more things.....

Pan down to the MIDDLE OF MY FLOOR!
Yes, so sad.
This is my pile of Fricky, Fracky, Fruppy,
Otherwise known as: Flannel, Fleece and Felt!
Every inch of closet space is FULL!
(I am a Joann's Fabric Remnant addict!)

This is my spare room, usually held for company.
I went to a local estate auction.
And they had this pallet with about 15 boxes on it
stuffed FULL of fabric!!!!
I Just HAD to have it...
So I bid on it.
Against someone else....
We kept bidding against each other....
(they were behind me, and I did not want to turn around and look)
I was getting nervous....
Was it going to be worth it?
Finally after some heated bidding......
The other person gave in...
I breathed a sigh of relief, and joy in my heart!
Yep! I won! I was shocked!
I paid a whole $15.00 for all of this!
I had to launder all of it because of the 'musty' smell.
But there is a lot of pretty material here.

Then for my Birthday
Hubby got me this:
(my request)
It is such a pain to wind bobbins, and I go through a lot.
In trying it out, it was all over the place...
It is so light that the weight of the thread kept tipping it over.
I had to hold the box in place, plus the spool of thread,

(Because I like to use the big spools so I put it on a knitting needle to hold it while the bobbin winds.)

I needed more hands to use it.
So....I looked up at hubby, who was watching me struggle, and asked:
"Can you fix this?"

He is sooooo goooood!
Yep he built a base, and a spool holder.
I like to wind bobbins from these big spools of thread.
I hot glued the bobbin winder onto it, and I could
wind up bobbins like nobody's business! Wheeee!
Can't get to the battery area of course, but I like
the power adapter better anyway.

I will be posting pics of what I make.
Yesterday I made a couple blankets and some curtains.
I have so much I want to make, and not enough hours in the day!
Now you know more about me than you wanted! LOL

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Pony Girl said...

Sadie and Sissy are SO lovely!
I have to tell you a funny story. I am a bit afraid of dolls! ;) At least, the old-fashioned looking ones, not the baby dolls that kids play with. I don't know why....I think when I was a child I watched some episode of the Twilight Zone, where a doll came to life. That freaked me out...and has stuck with me since! Hee!