Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mother Nature teased us with a really nice day
Old Man Winter said:
"I'm Not Done With You Yet!"

So we had about 3 snow showers go through.
Below: Can you find the birdy?

This is the dawning of the NICE day!
I go out to feed....

Sadie on the Left Sissy on the Right.
Cute Butts!

Sadie Takes a breather to see what I am doing,

Sissy doesn't bother. Her nose is burried deep in the hay!

This is why I brought my camera out. I actually had to go back in and get it.
Yep, perfect shape of a horse in the frosty grass.
I don't know if it was Sadie or Sissy,
but it sure was special!
It is so detailed you could even see where her knees were bent up under her!

Sydney sitting pretty.

And who could resist this cute little Sassy Frass?

Here is my wall picture. My son Robert took this.
I sent it off to PEPhoto.
I orignally ordered a 24 x 30, and do you know they called me?!!!
Awesome Customer Service! Don't see much of that these days.
They said that my photo would have to be cropped for a 24 X 30, or I could leave it and
it would be very nice as a 24 X 36! No extra charge either!
I said of course, go bigger! LOL
Then two days later it shows up!
They are so fast!
I just LOVE IT!

Lastly my appologies for not blogging all week.
My days are not long enough.
The weeks to long
and the weekends are way to short!
I will try to do better this coming week.

Keep on Blogging!


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Nice photos

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

I'm with you on the days not being long enough. That and a slow computer can keep me away from blogging everyday.

Thanks for stoppin' by my blog!