Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mother Nature teased us with a really nice day
Old Man Winter said:
"I'm Not Done With You Yet!"

So we had about 3 snow showers go through.
Below: Can you find the birdy?

This is the dawning of the NICE day!
I go out to feed....

Sadie on the Left Sissy on the Right.
Cute Butts!

Sadie Takes a breather to see what I am doing,

Sissy doesn't bother. Her nose is burried deep in the hay!

This is why I brought my camera out. I actually had to go back in and get it.
Yep, perfect shape of a horse in the frosty grass.
I don't know if it was Sadie or Sissy,
but it sure was special!
It is so detailed you could even see where her knees were bent up under her!

Sydney sitting pretty.

And who could resist this cute little Sassy Frass?

Here is my wall picture. My son Robert took this.
I sent it off to PEPhoto.
I orignally ordered a 24 x 30, and do you know they called me?!!!
Awesome Customer Service! Don't see much of that these days.
They said that my photo would have to be cropped for a 24 X 30, or I could leave it and
it would be very nice as a 24 X 36! No extra charge either!
I said of course, go bigger! LOL
Then two days later it shows up!
They are so fast!
I just LOVE IT!

Lastly my appologies for not blogging all week.
My days are not long enough.
The weeks to long
and the weekends are way to short!
I will try to do better this coming week.

Keep on Blogging!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

This is why we live here!

I am beat!
But I feel good
We have to fix the sand trap to our irrigation.
It is in the pasture.
So we tore my round pen down, and carried panels to section it off.
That way the horses will not bother it,

To the left is where we will be working.

Pretty Sadie!

The pipe.
Below is the area that needs replaced!

Sissy wants some coffee!

Neighbor dug out the pipe on his side of the fence.
Below he brings down some replacement pipe.

Can we help? HUH? HUH? Can we dad?

The pipe off.

Sissy looking bored.

Hubby looking like an ostrich! LOL

Washing out the pipe.

Neat pic. Asked hubby to stick his head back in the hole!

My babies!

Ok. The Photos adds a few hundred pounds!
Honest, Sissy is not fat! LOL

Sissy loves anything new.
I was trying to desensitize her so I would move the hose.

Since she is FOOD motivated, she thought it was something to eat!

She has to taste EVERYTHING! LOL

The screen that goes inside the pipe.


The kind neighbor willingly leveled out my round pen!
It had such a slant to it, and hard dirt, it really was not safe to
work my horses in it.

Now to add some sand!

I loved today, because while hubby worked on the pipe,
I hung out with my horses.
They loved it!
Got lost of pets.
Lots of brushing.
Even cleaned their chee cheese! LOL
It had been awhile, and I wished someone would take pictures of Sissy's expressions,
because she dang near laid down! LOL
She lifted her leg so high, and then her nose was going
to beat the band in the air, and her neck was outstretched!

I cleaned Sadies Chee Cheese, too, but she just stood there!

I got in such good quality time with them today that I feel so good!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cheat day for Friday

Ok, Today I am going to share something I got in an email.
I have usually seen things that float through the emails before.
(I know I have been to the end of the internet!)
I do have to say, "these are cute."
So I am going to share....
Lots of Common Sense
Not Impossible!

Nothing Is Impossible!

Always smile when your Boss is around!

Rest and Relax!

Save for A Rainy Day!

Rely on Trusted Partner to watch your back!

Practice Team Work!

Exercise to Maintain Good Health.

Stay Focused on your job!

Aim for Greater Heights!

AND: Do NOT get into trouble!

(I still can't believe this horse at the end!
I wonder how he got out!)

Blogging is so FUN!

Ok, I know how to do links, but I have not worked with HTML for awhile, and I will figure it out on how to link the picture to the page. But I have to finish getting ready for work! UGH!

I am really enjoying reading everyone's blog, and even trying to come up with things to keep you entertained, and yet at the same time, create a memoir of sorts.

I have come across some fabulous people and made some friends Oh the joys of the internet! I get to visit places and meet people I would not normally get to meet, and I love it!

The link above, is a fun place to visit. I smile almost every time I read one of her posts. I hope someday, my writing becomes creative as well.

There are just some things that are written where the words just jump off the page at you into your brain through your eyes....

Then there are posts where the words just lay on the paper! Dull! Inanimate! BORING! This is me! lol Someday though, I will write something that is going to grab you right off your chair, and suck you into your monitor!!!! HAHA

Watch for it! I feel it coming on soon.............

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Challenge for the week.........I choose to accept!

L to R: Me, My brother and My sister.

Here is the Challenge

5.) Write about something mean you did to a sibling growing up
A bit of history before the story:

I lost my father when I was nine years old. I was pretty traumatized by this because I was a 'Daddy's Girl', and I could not get over loosing him.

So keeping that in mind, I was always looking for ways to communicate with him. In Prayer. In Church. Having a seance. Talking to the stars. As a child you always have hope. Since I was in another state when he passed away, I would pretend that my dad went away, and would someday come back home. (I did get over this, when I was Pregnant with my first child).

Anyway, I talked my mom into letting me get a Ouji board. Her being very strict Catholic was totally against this idea, but my grandmother, (fathers mother), (whom also was Catholic), did talk my mom into letting me get it. (I still have it today, only because of the memories).

When I got the Ouji board home, I just could not wait to use it, because I was going to finally get to TALK TO MY DAD! Here was the one think that could connect me! I can not express in words the happiness I felt because I missed my dad so very much!

I patiently awaited nightfall, because spirits do not come out until dark. I lit candles, because the light draws them in. My mom and I worked that Ouji Board. She was so patient with me, and her heart must of been breaking for me at the time. She allowed me to come to my own conclusion that the board really did not work, and that muscles on your wrists made the thing move, because you just could not hold your hands "LIGHTLY" on it for very long!

Anyway, fast forward a couple of years. My younger sister by about 1 1/2 younger than me, and then my younger brother by about 4 years.

I had a sleep over with a best friend. We were bored. Mom never allowed a TV in our house, so we always had to come up with something to do. It was October, but not Halloween. I think the time frame was close to that holiday though.

Anyway, my friend and I were in my room. (I clued mom in on my plans). I got the Ouji board out, and talked very loudly so that my siblings could hear. I turned the light off. Lit a candle so I could see.

Then I would announce loudly: "Spirits! Spirits! Come for a visit!"
Wait for a minute.
"Spirits! Spirits! Come around! If you are present, Drop a book on the ground!"

Then we would drop a book loudly so that my siblings could hear it.

I did other things, like making the light come on, and go off.
Banging open and closing the dresser drawers.
Doing different things very loudly.
But what really got them was when the door opened and then slammed shut!

I am not sure exactly what was going through my Sister and brothers mind, but about 20 minutes into all this, my sister goes screaming out of the house. My brother on her heals, and 'he' runs over to the only tree in our yard, and HUGS IT! My mom had to pry his arms off the tree!

I had to work very hard to convince both of them, I had made it all up! Because they would not come back in the house.

Yes it was Mean! But we have had a ton of laughs over the years about it.
Other than that, I was a good kid!
(snicker, snicker)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Favorite Room

Today I am going to dig deep and show you my Crap, I mean Craft room.....
On the wall above the closet, is this puzzle.
I fell in love with it, and after I put it together
I glued it and hung it.

To the left of my closet, are shelves with my dolls.
Yes look closely you will see a Chatty Kathy!
I don't think she talks anymore though.
She was silenced a long time ago.
Not by me, but by age.
One requirement as children,
we HAD to take care of our toys.
At the time, I did not like it,
but now I appreciate that mom made us
take care of them.

This is more dolls things....and more things.....

Pan down to the MIDDLE OF MY FLOOR!
Yes, so sad.
This is my pile of Fricky, Fracky, Fruppy,
Otherwise known as: Flannel, Fleece and Felt!
Every inch of closet space is FULL!
(I am a Joann's Fabric Remnant addict!)

This is my spare room, usually held for company.
I went to a local estate auction.
And they had this pallet with about 15 boxes on it
stuffed FULL of fabric!!!!
I Just HAD to have it...
So I bid on it.
Against someone else....
We kept bidding against each other....
(they were behind me, and I did not want to turn around and look)
I was getting nervous....
Was it going to be worth it?
Finally after some heated bidding......
The other person gave in...
I breathed a sigh of relief, and joy in my heart!
Yep! I won! I was shocked!
I paid a whole $15.00 for all of this!
I had to launder all of it because of the 'musty' smell.
But there is a lot of pretty material here.

Then for my Birthday
Hubby got me this:
(my request)
It is such a pain to wind bobbins, and I go through a lot.
In trying it out, it was all over the place...
It is so light that the weight of the thread kept tipping it over.
I had to hold the box in place, plus the spool of thread,

(Because I like to use the big spools so I put it on a knitting needle to hold it while the bobbin winds.)

I needed more hands to use it.
So....I looked up at hubby, who was watching me struggle, and asked:
"Can you fix this?"

He is sooooo goooood!
Yep he built a base, and a spool holder.
I like to wind bobbins from these big spools of thread.
I hot glued the bobbin winder onto it, and I could
wind up bobbins like nobody's business! Wheeee!
Can't get to the battery area of course, but I like
the power adapter better anyway.

I will be posting pics of what I make.
Yesterday I made a couple blankets and some curtains.
I have so much I want to make, and not enough hours in the day!
Now you know more about me than you wanted! LOL