Saturday, February 4, 2012

A What? You got to be kidding!

Hey! Ma!
How's the search for a buddy coming along?
"Well Star, To be honest, not so good.
There isn't one donkey looking for a home within a 200 mile stretch of this place!

What are your thoughts on a Mule?"


"Well I found this totally adorable and cute little Molly Mule,
and she is looking for a home."
"Here I will show you a picture."
Star: "Well she certainly is not as cute as me!"
Me:  "Star, you ARE cute. SHE is Beautiful! That is two different things."
Star: "You hurt my feelings!"

ME: "I'm Sorry, but it is true."
"So, anyway, Star, what do you think about having a Mule for a sister?"

Star: "Hey, Libby! What are your thoughts?"
Libby: "Shut UP Star! I am trying to levetate some hay from the barn to my feeder!"
Star: "WELL! You don't have to be an A$$ about it!"
Libby: "I said: S.H.U.T.U.P.! I can't concentrate while your flapping that velvet smooth nose of yours!"
Star: "Ok! Fine! If she will play nice and be my buddy then I will do my best to be her friend."
"She has no training, so I would be taking on a big responsibility!."
Star: "I can help you train her!'
Me: "Star, you barely lead and push me all over the place!"
Star: "Well that is because I need more practice. But I stand really nice and let you love all over me, and I even pick my feet up really good! Doesn't that account for something?"
Me: "Yes it does Star! It makes up for you lack of manners."
Star: "I will continue to do well at just being 'cute'."


Bif said...

I think she is beautiful, too. Although OBVIOUSLY not as cute as Star.

Nikker said...

My experience is that the mule will bond with your horse faster/better than your donkey. )0: At least this was true at the land lords place with his mules and my mini Hee-Haws. The mules are also really hard on the fences... )0: So if you do get this mule, look at the wood in the pasture that he/she is in. This will give you an idea of how hard this one is on wood. The land lords mules taught my horses (who previously had NEVER chewed wood) to be beavers. )0:
Sorry for the negativity...but wanted to share my not so great experiences with mules.

Lois Evensen said...

How sweet. I love your barnyard stories! You could write children's books!