Friday, February 3, 2012

Linky Links: A NEW Gadget!

LINKY LINKS!   (click to go see it)
My New favorite thing in blogland!

There is a new thing in blog world. I found it on one of my favorite blogs:

I have been playing around with it, and since it is rumored, the

GFC (Google Friend Connect) is going to go away,

I saw this, and am preparing for when that happens.

Kind of like 12-12-2012, You know when the world is going to end!
(Are YOU prepared?)

Anyway, I signed up.  It is free!

I put the link on my blog,



All my GFC followers went away....:(( so sad...


You can follow me again.

This time it is much, much easier.

My last following I had 51 people.

Lets work to make it MORE THAN THAT!

Of course you can still fill in the EMAIL UPDATES

but if you do that, you will get an email from "Feed Burner" that you will need to click

on the verification link IN THE EMAIL YOU RECIEVE to activate it.

It is to cut down on all you "spammers" out there in web land.

Any way, The D.I.Y. Showoff is showing off this new gadget by having a give away!

Go visit her blog:

and maybe she can give away some stuff to you!

Good luck,

and Please

Don't forget to follow my blog!
(Star said to follow so you can see if the maid is working hard to get me a buddy!)



The DIY Show Off said...

Hurray! I'm following you too! ;) Thank you so SO much for helping to spread the word (and the sweet shout out)! Enjoy the weekend!


VA Dan said...

Darn. I thought the world was going to end 12/21/12. I'd better start getting ready ......

kevin21 said...
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mrscravitz said...

ATTENTION KEVIN! If you post Spam to my blog again I will report yoU!