Thursday, February 2, 2012

Star is getting bored!

Star: "Guess what I did today?"
Libby: "I didn't do it! I had no part in it!"

Star: "You like my redecorating skills?"
Me: "STAR! You will cut yourself with this metal!"
So I blocked it up.

Next day I come home to this!
I don't know how,
but she had moved that tire onto her feed bin!
Libby: "I think Star needs a partner in crime so I don't get blamed for helping her!"
Me: "I'm working on it Libby but there just isn't any more Donkey's in Oregon.
and it is to costly to get one from Texas!"
Libby: "But you gotta work harder at it!" 
Me: "I will Libby! I promise."

Star: "I don't like these toys you gave me. I can't re-arrange and decorate with them."
Me:  "Star use your imagination! You can't tear down the shed!"
Star: "But I am trying to make more room for my new buddy.
I'm getting a new buddy? Right?"
Me: "Yes Star, I am trying to find you one."
Star: "Ok, I will go watch the Robin's then. Libby told me it is a sign that spring is around the corner. I think I will start to shed off some of this coat I grew."

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Pamela Zydel said...

Why isn't Star happy with Libby as her bestest buddy? Is it because Libby won't help her redecorate?