Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We use to have:

For our telephone service.
Then they sold out to:

When I was with Qwest I paid $35.00 PER YEAR for
unlimited Long Distance.
Then a few statements year into being owned by Century Link,
I noticed I was being charged
for unlimited long distance!
I would not use $17.00 per month in long distance if they charged .25 cents per minute!


So I went to Verizon, and found out I could get a land line
for a whole whopping:
This included free long distance!


So I hurried up and switched!
12/28/11 to be exact.

January I get a final billing from Century for $5.01 and I promptly paid it.

This month, 
(count it, 2 months LATER!)

I get another bill:
Well it won't let me even look at it on line, because now, I do not have an account with them!

So I called.
After going through their automated system that 
takes two days 15 minutes
I get a live person!

"Hello this is JP in Boise!"

To save you from a long drawn out conversation that I had with the inconsiderate person that he was, I will just say that he would NOT help me with my $1.42 dispute.
His only answer was that it "NEEDS JUSTIFICATION!"
I asked him "Customer Service wasn't justification?"
I kept asking him to speak with his supervisor.
He kept putting me on hold.
Each time he said I needed justification!
JP's justification was that the $1.42 consisted of:
$1.10 for two days of long distance service
(keep in mind I already paid $17.00 for the month)
and taxes on top of that!
Because of the billing dates, he was so confused, as well as I.
He just kept arguing with me about the charges:

JP:  "Yes you owe them, and you need justification for any credit!"
Me: "No I do NOT owe them! I already paid it in January!"
JP: "I can't do anything without justification!"
ME:  "I blog, and therefore I will talk bad about Century Link!"
JP:  "You need justification!"
ME:  "No I don't! I have 1500 followers!" 
(Ok I exaggerated a bit)
JP:  "Can you justify that?"
ME:  "May I talk with your supervisor?"
JP: "No she is only the supervisor of me, not customers."

"There was just no way he could credit my account nor would anyone else in the company because it NEEDS JUSTIFICATION!
He put me on hold several times, but would never put me thru to his supervisor!
(He must of been fearful of me speaking to his supervisor.)

So I hung up and called back!
We will see about justification this time!

One thing about a large company like that you never get the same person when you call back!

MIKE from IDAHO FALLS saved the day!
He was very kind and polite!
He asked permission to call me, Jody!
Isn't that sweet?
Immediately he credited my account!
Mike said that I should not of been billed the $1.42
and if any more bills come in, to let them know!

Mr. JP in Boise, ID was rude, and totally not helpful!
He was NOT customer service oriented.
He did not portray the company in a good way!

I am done with Century Link!
Not ever again will I ever have service with them!

So people's CHECK YOUR BILL!
You might have hidden charges on there too!
Just think,
Even if it is only $1.00 dollar extra!
Just think of the amount of customers they have!
THAT my friend is a butt load of mooolaaaa!

I am saving $45.00 PER MONTH!
and still have my land line
and my phone number I have had since 1977!
Oh and tell Hugo, Jody sent ya!
You get to save $25.00 off the already low price,
and YES, I get $25.00 credit too!
Who wouldn't want to save some cash these days?

(I did not get paid to write this blog!)
(I actually do have a life where it is not all Donkeys and Horses!)

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Marilyn said...

Hey wait a minute! Can anyone get Verizon for a land line? We are in the middle of you know where and our phone company says they're our only option... I am looking into this RIGHT now!!

CenturyLink Help Team said...

Hello Jody, this is B with the CenturyLink Help team. I'm sorry to read that you didn't have a good experience with JP. I am happy that another rep (Mike) was able to get your account resolved for you.

I wanted to leave you a comment, and offer to assist with anything else you may need, or even by simply providing feedback. If I can be of help, e-mail me at, and I'll be happy to help out.

Thanks Jody,

CenturyLink Help Team

mrscravitz said...

Thank you Brian for the post on my blog. I was quite surprised to see a response to my blog so quickly from Century Link!

It was a bad experience, and to be honest, seems every time I call Century Link, your customer service has not been very nice. I have had dealings with Century Link via my job as Office Manager as well as on a personal level.

I was totally horrified to find out that I was being charged $17.00 for unlimited long distance per freeking month! That amounts to $204.00 per year! I know it is my fault for not reviewing my bill sooner, but because of that, and the fact that JP was an arrogant S.O.B. on the phone to me, I will NEVER EVER GO BACK TO CENTURY LINK! This has nothing to do with YOU Personally nor your co-workers, you are all probably very nice people, well, ok, except JP.

With Qwest I only paid a $35.00 fee per year, for Unlimited Long distance.

If Century Link does not do some serious internal changes, and take a long hard look at their company policy's, well.....You may not have a job in the near future. Because when I went to sign up at Verizon, I was told that I did not need to call Century Link to notify you that I was canceling my service because so many people had already switched! And you know what? CenturyLink was so good at it, that it only took THREE DAYS for my service to be disconnected! Verizon thought maybe it would take 5 to 7 days!

It is a competitve world out there and Competition means Customer Service! If you do not have customer service, you are not even in the running! Verizon has always given me excellant customer service.

I do wish you, as a person well, but as far as Century Link, well you know my thoughts on that. I am only ONE person they screwed! How many more customers got screwed in the take over????

Thank you and Good Luck.