Thursday, February 9, 2012

Middle Son

Our Middle Son lives in California.
I get to see him about once a year.
At Christmas!
The time goes by to fast, and all to soon he is headed back home.

Middle Son
Paints Bikes.
The kind that race on asphalt.
That go really really fast.
Here he is on HIS bike
that he painted.

 (the #923 is for September 23rd, the day he almost died when he wrecked his bike.)
 He recovered well from his accident and we are so blessed for that!.
This model is promoting his business.
 His website is:
(You can click on the link)
 Middle Son's business is growing!
(I'm sure the cutie model might have something to do with it.)
Always nice to have a pretty young thing sitting on your product bike.)

This bike won something.  It is owned by Chris Siglin.
(I can never remember the little details.)
Middle Son painted it!
(I remember that important thing.)

The above link goes to a film 
Make sure you watch the very beginning,
then it is really good the last half.
He does not race professionally.
He races "track days".
It is exciting!
It's an adrenalin rush!
For him!

Me, as a mother worry like crazy.
I would not be normal if I didn't.

Stay safe!
Keep the rubber side down!

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Unknown said...

Motorcycles scare the sh!t out of me!!
You're either a very brave mother or you have boxes full of wine in your fridge :)