Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Learning something new keeps the mind active!

I follow a lot of bloggers out there.
I learn something new from each of them.
Like for instance:
She can tell a story with pictures in very few pictures.
I take 50 photos and get 3 or 4 that I can use...
 I can not miss a day with out reading about
Lucy, Alan, George and Hank!

On Friday's blog from;
 I learned of 
He also has a blog,
Wow! Who KNEW!

Watch This:
and you will see where I am going with this post....
(I am going to order his book!)

It all makes sense,
so I thought I would try something at dinner tonight.

Empty feed bins....
Piles scattered about.
Libby was confused.
(I am not talented enough to pull my feed cart, 
throw out hay, and keep a pissed off horse at bay,
while taking pictures!)
Libby was NOT happy about this new arrangement!
She kept running from pile to pile to see what I was doing.
They all were the same and she got very upset.
She just KNEW one was special!
She saw that Poncho was content in his pile of hay
and tried to take it from him, and he let her know in 
no uncertain terms that it was HIS!
So off she goes.

Two very cute pictures.
After they finished eating, I thought I would do a bit of brushing.
as you can see, most of Poncho is on the ground,
while most of Libby is still on Libby!
When I was finished, I put the halter back in the horse tailer and when I shut the door,
both the Lady and the Tramp thought it was time to go somewhere.
(Hoping someplace were the buffet did not include walking around to eat)
So I got some very happy whinnies, and some cute pictures.

Yes, they are terribly spoiled children!
They will be happy with breakfast, because I won't be walking the pasture
tossing out handfuls of hay.
I figured I needed the exercise too.
And I do feel better,
not sure they do, though.


Lois Evensen said...

I love your series! So sweet to be able to walk with you and the "kids." The image of the tramp in the "v" of the tree is super cool.


Rising Rainbow said...

Funny how one always thinks there must be a "special" pile just for them. LOL

dana said...

You used to enjoy my writing blog, and I wanted you to know that I've started putting my manuscript up for everyone to read if you're interested.