Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Playin'

First, you see there is a change!
Didn't want to shock you so I am letting you know.

I could not do much with the old template, but with this one,
WOW! there are so many things I can do.
I can even upload a picture...ummm...

Also I wanted to direct your attention to the side bar.
There is a place you can sign up to receive notices via email.
Just plug in your email if you are not already on blogger, and when I update, you will get a notice.
How easy is that?

The next place I would like to direct your attention to is:
My new store!
Right here on the web!
So much better than ebay!
This place you do not pay to list your items.
I am having way to much fun listing my things for sale.
Watch for some home made goodies, coming soon!

Note this is also on my side bar. You can view what I have up by scrolling with the arrow.



Mikey said...

I like it! Like the font too.

Unknown said...

Jody where is your store? i clicked on the link to e crater do you havea Name i need to type in