Monday, March 28, 2011

Out with the NEW in with the OLD!

When hubby started to build this,
life was good.
Then I wrecked my motorcycle and
things got put on hold.
It was originally built so we could take Taumee with us on our trips.
But then we moved and got Sydney.
Two dogs?
They fit!
Then we kept Sassy.
Three dogs?
So it has been sitting gather dust.
Hubby wanted to sell it a long time ago.
I said no,
because he built it.
And when he builds things, 
they are done to perfection!
There is even a small door on one side,
and indoor outdoor carpeting.
He has taken it on a couple short trips, and he said 
it tows so nice, you do not even know it is behind you.

Doesn't it just look to cute?
So this is for sale!
Pass this around if you know of anyone looking 
or wanting  a motorcycle trailer!
$1,200.00 (negotiable)

So because I let go and said he could sell it,
Hubby starts to look at other toys!

Yes, he has already replaced it!
 Isn't that just homely?
But it is functional!
And used, but in pretty good condition.
 I was busy taking pictures, and he was busy putting it up.
This is his:
"I need your help, or else" Look!
 Finally all put together!
and he is happy as a lark!
 The bed is even long enough to fit his 6' 4" frame!
 There is even enough room for the girls to sleep,
If they could only ride the bike to our destination!
It will certainly come in handy when we make our trip to Sturgis this summer!

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Lois Evensen said...

I love how it fits the people and the dogs. :)) I'm sure you'll have fun with it!

I had a friend who took her large dog to the car dealer before making a purchase. She wanted to be sure the dog could ride comfortably in the front seat with plenty of head room. That's "my kind of people." ;)