Friday, December 16, 2011

Trials of First time Donkey Ownership:

What NOT to give your Donkey to play with!
I repeat NOT!
I had 2 of these noodles.
As you can see, I have 1 and 3/4 of them left.
I only had put one in the pasture, thinking Star wanted something to play with.
Both had been in the pasture for months with Libby and Poncho and they never touched them.
So I did not think twice about it.
(Hit self on head, "THINK")
 As I come home the next day, 
I see Star carrying it around and throwing it about.
I "thought" How cute!
Until I went out to pick it up!
For three days I have been watching her!
Like a HAWK!
The pieces below is all I could find of the missing parts.
As you can see it is not nearly enough to make the thing whole again.
Star has had Diarrhea as you can see in the above picture.
Below is, One of Libby's (the bigger) and One of Star's.
She finally took a normal poop today! YEAH!
I put them side by side for comparison.
As I was doing this, 
Of course Libby, thought they were COOOOKIES!
Till she got a whif!
Then I got to thinking.
I read where Donkey's digest and use up most of what they eat, and their bodies utilize most of the moisture from their grazing...
I smelled them!
Star's had no odor whatsoever,
where as Libby's were pretty stinky!
I still did not find any green foam in there, 
but they were nicely shaped,
So I am hoping against hope that 
the foam got digested!
You would think they would make them digestible anyway.
They are for kids,
Anything made for kids, can be eaten!

I went an bought two traffic cones. 
So far she only sniffed at them.

Yesterday she was very skittish of me, and would not let me touch her.
So I took my bucket and went out into the pasture and SAT!
with my back to her.
Libby stood to the right of me.
I finally saw Star's shadow come up to mine.
She sniffed me all over.
She worked her way to my left.
Finally I looked at her and asked if I could pet her.
Her eyes said yes.
I got my Donkey kisses.
Once I start to pet her, 
she just melts and I can pet her all over.
It is getting that first touch in.

I have been doing the
"Donkey Cram" on the internet.
Trying to learn all there is out there.
I learned that Donkey's REMEMBER things.
They also have a thought process where instead of using the
Flight method like a horse, they will study the situation first.
Star does study a lot.

When I go out to visit with her, 
she will not let me touch her right away.
She shys away from me.
This bothers me.

So I spend a lot of time with my back to her, and let her make the first move.
I know I am the one that took her away from her home.
She might be holding a grudge.
I do not give her chocolate donuts like her other mom did.
Maybe she thinks I don't love her.

So today I went out with Whinny power!
I figured if this doesn't break the ice, 
I would be back at square one!

So off I go, with Two Whinny Cookies in hand.
Of course Libby knew exactly what I had.
I broke them into 4 smaller pieces each.
Makes them last longer.

Star gobbled up each of her 4 pieces.
She could not get enough of them!
I was her best buddy today!
She followed me all around.
She let me pet her right away.
So I got my donkey hugs and kisses today.

 I have found that Star is not very cool with the camera.
She is not sure what it is.
Even though I have let her sniff it.
She does not like the noise it makes.
So I keep snapping pictures,
because if you live here,
you have to learn to be a STAR!
 Libby is a camera hog!

 Star: "Does this thing produce cooookies?"

Libby: "No Star, but I bet she has some extra's in her pockets!"
 Star following me.
 Star still not sure of the camera.
Maybe I will let her see the images next time.
Today I was her best friend.
After a few scratches and pets,
I would turn away and walk.
She would follow.
Yesterday felt like I was loosing the battle.
Today I felt like I made progress with her.
 I love the shadow image.
More handouts?
After I spent about an hour out there,
It was time for me to go in, because I was quite cold.
Star laid down to rest.
I just love the cross on her back!
So in my trial of new Donkey ownership,
I pray that I take good care of her.
I just asked her to guide me along the way.


The Dancing Donkey said...

Looks like you have had the typical crash course in donkey ownership...a little fun, a little change in thinking and several moments of extreme panic. Even the things you thought were safe, aren't:) Looks like you and Star are off to a great start.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Seems like donkeys are much more mouthy than horses tend to be. lol!
Good thing Star didn't end up with any serious blockages from the foam noodle.
Great idea getting some new safer toys, like the cone.


Nikker said...

Donkeys do love their toys! (0: Mine will take anything you sit within their reach and then it's off to the races keeping it from you.
Mine have two road cones and several feed pans they play with (the recycled tire type pans), rather than trying to keep everyone to a pan, I just bought a few extras and left them in the pasture as toys. Mine also like sticks and will 'play' together with them.
Glad Starr seems to be over eating the foam! It will be fun to see what else she "teaches" you! Mine have shown me a lot about myself and made me rethink what I do with my girls a couple of times! (0:

Lois Evensen said...

What fun pictures with commentary. :)) It's interesting that donkeys are so smart and remember so well. Star is just precious. And, it seems Libby is happy to have a friend.

KarenTX said...

She is cute! 7MSN Ranch has donkeys and a blog, so does Morning Bray Farm. You're going to enjoy her a lot. Looks like she's fitting right in with Libby.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Donkeys are lots of fun